I haven't gotten the chance to open up our business acct with Sprint & I really don't want to be pushed into opening it up until next month. So I wanted to know aout 2 things discounts for current customers & billing the unit to our account. We need a a 600(we will actually be using the digital camera for website pic postings) to add to the 2 300's already on my personal acct. Any body who is not a business customer gotten Sprint to bill it to the monthly bill? Also any idea why Sprint has not put the 600 in their computer system yet? This paper order thing freaks me out! Also what's the largest discount so far? I also see that Sprint has new plans out any ideas on what's the best one for a new business? Right now our customers pay us at the end of the month & bills are due at the beginning so guess what....were broke!!! lol Hence the interest in billing it to our statement.