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    You all CRACK - ME - UP!

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    Originally posted by Poryphyron
    The images are completely untouched and mailed from the Treo directly to TextAmerica website. You won't need to trust me once more people start posting.
    Even the pic of the pumpkins on the next page? In that case its really good quality.
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    Originally posted by Fikse
    took another pic with some more light.... little better...

    yea, I like the flat screens, but the big ones are still too much money... I saw a 63" at compusa for like 20k.....

    the rest of the phone is great... so much faster than the treo 300... screen is much brighter..... the new web browser is awesome... expansion is great, I bought a 512MB sandisk to store pics and movie clips.... keyboard takes some getting used to since it's much smaller.... gets more signal bars at the same location than the 300...
    hmmm. a benzo, a viper, a treo 600, and big azz tv. somebody's doing quite well from themselves.

    don't worry i'll get there soon. (still pushing a mitsu diamante, and a t-mobile sidekick). don't laugh.
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    See the photos on this page:
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    Originally posted by Poryphyron

    I took all the images except the moon shot with my 600.
    Wow, you hang out with some ULTRA-HIP model-looking people! How'd they let a technogeek like you into that club? Ha ha I kid of course.
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    Some of the pics posted here have a lot of the strange artifacts that I see on my Treo screen in camera mode... but I don't get those in my pictures. I assumed it was just the second rate screen on the Treo 600 not able to keep up with the moving camera.

    However, I have also noticed that the camera exposure and clarity will clean-up noticably if you hold the camera real still for a few seconds before you snap the picture.

    Here's an indoor picture of the EveryBody Fits main gym floor... there's some artifacts, but they are real faint... but this is as good or better than any other camera phone I've seen... of course, its not even close to a real digital camera... but it's a phone...
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    I think the quality is better than what I was expecting...
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    I think these photos would be a lot more meaningful for comparison if we all posted them at the full 640 x 480. I'll get the ball rolling... Mine's a revision "B". Do I wish it were better? Of course. Is it that bad? Of course not.

    EDIT: I just discovered how WinXP is resizing the photos here based upon window size. Looks like most are full-res... sorry for confusion.

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    I took this one with my treo - came out well.
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