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    Yeed to go to HS support website and choose Treo600 support options. Within their, I blieve, choose 'contact us'. There is a form somewhere that you can fill out and send in a question. I did it last night.
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    I tried to go to HS's support form, but their website sent me in an endless loop. A note on their site said I'd need to enable cookies if that was happening, but my cookies are very much enabled and it still happens. Could you go to HS's site and find the URL for that form? Hopefully I can launch it directly and request the audio recording capabilities.

    Brian Racherbaeumer
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    Apparently they just changed their support options for the Treo600 and are redirecting the vistors to Sprint.

    Here is the HS form for Treo270 owners:
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    They are screwing with us already. SPCS support won't be able to answer questions about a ROM update.
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    If there is no support, I'm going to return mine as soon as I get it (just ordered yesterday). If tons of people start returning them within the 2 weeks, maybe they'll listen.
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    Once you hold one of these in your hands and start using it, it's unlikely you'll be able to send it back because you'll love it like the rest of us.

    Despite its deficiencies it's still an awesome device. For now, there is nothing out there like it. We'll just have to keep clamoring for the ROM update.
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    I'm sure I remember HS press conferences where they said the voice APIs would be freely available and they hoped that 3rd party developers would build voice recording software.

    Doesn't seem consistent with the current messages...
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    Hey guys! Well I just got off the phone with a very nice fellow from Audiost and below is s a quick run down of what he said. Most of it is info already stated in this thread, but here it is none-the-less...

    Apparently Handspring was supposed to launch the Treo600 with voice recorder features built in, but they were not able to do that. This is consistant with what has been reported earlier. The Audacity DVR currently is not supported on the Treo600. It can playback recorded clips but cannot record them. Audiost is a Handspring (PalmOne) developer and they were told there will defintely be a software update to correct this problem, but will most likely not be available until sometime early next year at the earliest. This update will definitely be available for new Treo600's, but PalmOne has not commited to whether they will also offer the update to existing Treo600 users. The Audiost rep stated that they will definitely offer a Treo600 compatible app once the software update is available.

    Anyway, the Audiost rep really was nice. In fact he stated that he owned a Treo 600 himself and was dissapointed that his company's software was not compatible!

    Also, I had emailed them earlier and they reponded with pretty much the same info:


    Thanks for your interest.

    At the present time we are waiting for Handspring to fix a problem with
    their code. They have indicated that at some time in the future (probably
    Spring 2004) they will have a new version. Once they have done this we
    anticipate being able to have our application run on the Treo 600. There has
    been no information from Handspring regarding upgrades for existing Treo 600
    users. We have added your e-mail address to our list of people who are
    interested in using our software with the Treo 600 and will notifiy you when
    it becomes available.

    Audio Storage Technologies
    I think it's important the PalmOne know they had better make available this update for existing Treo600 users if they want to maintain ANY semblance of a loyal customer base! I would suggest that everyone here email PalmOne CS and make sure that there is a definte interest and demand from current Treo 600 users that such an update is necessary! TIA...
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    and go to the bottom and click on the "suggestion" link.

    This is where I recommended they add .3gp file support at the system level. The 3gpp protocol is basically a mp4 wrapper for mobile devices. It's open standards and can be used for "all" audio and video needs. This includes streaming as well as files in Palm memory & SD memory. Check out this for more info.:

    anyway, it's related to voice dictation because Palm OS 5 needs a file format for this and this is the best for any needs in the future. DoCoMo and several others already have 3gpp compliant phones in the market.

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    Just to update this thread...unfortunately, things don't sound to promising for current Treo600 users:

    The Treo has 2 processors, one for the telephone/radio and one for the Palm OS. There is communication paths between the two including audio from the Palm processor. Unfortunately audio data from the mic does not make it to the Palm OS processor.

    Handspring tried to implement this before releasing the Treo 600, but ran out of time and the changes needed were somewhat risky in that they could accidentally break other things and would need a lot of testing.

    Hopefully the next version of the Treo will support voice recording. It is possible that a software upgrade for the Treo 600 could be released, but it is unlikely since it would involve updating not just the Palm OS but also the radio processor code as well.

    Tom Harrah
    Audacity Audio
    Thus, there is a possibility that current Treo600 users will never be able to utilize voice recording capability if this patch is only used for newer versions of the Treo600 series.. I certianly hope not and the folks at Audiost encouraged me to tell others to email and request PalmOne that they release the patch soon to ALL Treo600 users! Let only hope...
    aka Gfunkmagic

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    Sounds like we need to put pressure on PalmOne to do the patch. Seems like it's possible to do if they want to release the update. Let's start our e-mail campaign!! I'm sending one now.
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