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    I have not seen any "official" information on the Handspring direct sales of products for those not seeking any contract. I would expect now that the carrier relationship is stronger they will let the carriers leverage their sales prior to handspring direct.

    Any news on the handspring direct sale outlook please post here.
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    I called them today to tell them of my "dilemma" - i.e. that I wasn't sure if I should wait for it to be released on Handspring's website, or buy it now from sprint. The telesales lady told me that they had no "firm dates" to tell us, but she highly recommended waiting for Handspring when I told her I didn't want to wait more than 2 weeks.

    Don't know if that really means anything, but I think I'm going to wait for the rebate from Handspring. I can wait a week or two to save 100 bucks or so. My Treo300 will do fine for now.

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