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    According to the review, it took almost 3 minutes to download the entire page of PC Magazine using the Sprint PCS model and just under 4 minutes using T-Mobile - see below.

    Is it me or is this slow browsing a bit of a turn-off?

    Pretty good review though...,4149,1311175,00.asp

    "We tested a generic GSM/GPRS Treo 600 with a T-Mobile SIM card, as well as a unit provisioned by Sprint. Both models used the Blazer 3.0 browser. In hands-on testing (with both units registering two of five signal strength bars and with cleared browser caches), the Sprint version took 2 minutes 44 seconds to download all of the elements of PC Magazine's home page. The GSM version, using T-Mobile, required just under 4 minutes. That relative performance is what one would expect from the carrier's 1xRTT (Sprint) and GPRS (T-Mobile) networks"
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