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    I thought the 600 would come with an MP3 player...?

    Whats a good one to use?
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    Pocket tunes is the only one that is currently upgarded for the Treo600. Real does not work AFIAK, and Aeroplayer deosn't automatically turn off for incoming call from what I've read. Also, it's been reported on these boards that new Treo compatible version of Real should be out soon (which is good b/c its free). For now though, checkout pocket tunes...which is the best player IMHO anyway...
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    Originally posted by Fikse
    I thought the 600 would come with an MP3 player...?

    Whats a good one to use?
    I have never seen anything that leads me to believe that it actually comes with one, but have seen several different sources claiming that registered Treo owners can download PocketTunes from the Handspring website. Exactly where on the site, I don't know.

    Also, having never used any MP3 player, let alone one under PalmOS, I can't really comment on how good PocketTunes is.
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    Handspring includes a link with every Treo 600 on where to get Pocket Tunes for free (a $14? value). Or if they don't yet, it will soon be available.
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