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    I have spent most of the day on the phone to Sprint Stores and to Sprint (its lucky I am the boss or I might have been fired for wasting so much time on the phone!!) I got so many different answers it becomes almost a joke!!!
    The 4 stores I called do not have it and dont expect the Treo 600
    until mid to late November!!!
    The 888-253 1315 number sometimes said they didnt have it. I finally got one rep at that time who would sell it to me for $599.95
    with no discount, I also called 800 480 4727 and 888 565 9393. Most of the people said it wasnt available and they could find nothing by the name Treo 600 on their web site or in the inventory. I also called Handspring directly a few times, but everyone there said it was not available yet. One of them would take a pre-order with out knowing the price or discount (if any).

    The last person I talkedat Sprint to would give me a $150 discount with
    a $20 charge/ month for an additional phone on the account ( the other additional phone I have is free sharing the minutes). She said there is a $5.00/mo addl charge on this phone for the unlimited Vision. She thought after I activated the phone I could call customer service and switch the numbers so the Treo 600 would have my current number (which is quite important to me).
    She transferred me to customer service who confirmed this. I then had to call back "INTERNET SALES" ,who seem to be the only ones able to deliver phones, The new person at "INTERNET
    SALES" recomended I go to a Sprint Store If I wanted to swich numbers and that a 2 year contgract was required to get the
    discount and that If I cancelled one of the phones during the two
    year contract I would be on the hook to return the $150. She also told me that my account has a $600 limit and she therefor would have to get a credit card to charge it to. I had intended to pay with a credit card, but never heard of the $600 limit on my account. But his would mean that the discounts come later and that I would be charged the entire up front cost!!!

    To make a long story short--I guess that as badly as I wanted this phone immediately, good judgement says to wait a few weeks and let the dust settle, with both Sprint and Handspring.
    I guess I can still manage with my Treo 300 that I thought was the greatest phone ever made, until I heard about the Treo 600.

    Now I can get back to work and not spend the nite on the phone trying to get a Treo.
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    Ive had quite a day with sprint. I called this morning to order, only to be denied the $100 service credit. I called again a few hours later and was able to place my order and get the $100 credit for extending my 1 year contract. I knew they were having computer problems this morning so I called back in the afternoon to make sure my order was input into the system only to find out that they had no record of my order. Hmm, I wonder what they did with my credit card number I gave them. Anyway, the lady I spoke with told me I would need to order again, and transferred me to yet another rep. This rep told me the same thing as the first one, the $100 credit/rebate was not available to existing customers upgrading their phones and they did not care that they had LOST my order in which I was to receive this.

    Im totally fed up with Sprint. Nearly 7 years as a customer and getting treated like this. Not to say things have always been smooth. Dealing with their customer service dept is an exercise in fustration every time. Anyone know the exact day number portability starts? I cant wait to leave Sprint.
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    thats the thing theres no equilibrium in the scene...different stores will get them at different times, general telesales barely get a few (i'd guess 20 or 30) a day, and those go quickly, i was put on back order but i was the first one so i got first pref when they came in, i would suggest going to telesales, keep trying until you get one that bites because sprint is terrible with customer solutions took me 2 hrs of talking and an hour and a half on hold to get through to one rep that i wanted a handspring treo 600 not the was a long ride but it's worth it.
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