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    I think it is time to start a thread on compatable and incompatable software.

    Snapper Mail
    Splash ID
    VeriChat GSM
    HandStory Suit

    NOT Compatable:
    KBTracker - PDApps is working on a port for OS5
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    Incompatible: AppIcon

    Anyone know of any OS5-ready AppIcon replacements?
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    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    Originally posted by SprintTreo600
    Assuming that you're replying to my question and not about compatible/incompatible apps, I just want an app that will change the icon of particular applications, without having to switch my current launcher of choice (LauncherX).
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    I don't know many, but here are some of the ones i had on my Treo (I did not have time to work with all of them). Starred apps are ones i know that work with the five-way nav

    Audio apps:
    Audible player Edit: This version not avalable on

    *Handspring Mail
    Sprint Business connection

    Other non games:
    Splash Suite

    I am oging ot skip the games becuse I did not work with any of them except for tetris, and zap2016.

    I think the best thing to say that somes uip thigns is that I never encountered an app that did not work.
    Linked from this thread
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    Lets start a list.... here is what I have found so far that does not work.

    Launch'em - works but 5 way nav does not.
    Mapopolis - works but when viewing maps, the center is missing.
    Super Names - Does not work, thinks its 320x320 being os5.2

    more to come. please post your own finding. If you know fixes to any posted software, please let us know.

    From This Thread
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    Add MegaCalc to the list, requires os5 version, guess what looks for 320x320 I bet most all os5 software will have this issue.

    damnit.. :GRR
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    PDAapps have said TreoPictureCallerID is not compatible.

    PDAnet has a version specifically made for the Treo 600.

    Defender works OK tho
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    Verichat has given me a prerelease that fixes the color issue, havent tested the chat recieve yet, but they said its now 600 compatable.. will be on there site later today.

    im also working with mapopolis to get a 600 compatable version..

    they have a NAV version for os5 but its not compatable with the standard maps.
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    Cell Plan
    The basic application works on the Treo 600, but does
    not track SMS or data.

    This program works fine, however it does not suppot the 5 way pad.

    TicTok- Timmer utility
    This program also works fine, however it does not suppot the 5 way pad.
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    MMPlayer beta does NOT work with the T600.

    Referenced in this link

    It imediatly reset when trying video.
    When audio was attempted, it was successfull, however the T600 reset when I tried to go to the "main" screen with the audio playing.
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    Question asked here

    TreoHelper (the original) seems to partly work with the T600. The schedualing for phone turn off/on works.

    I have not been able to get SMS triggered pull to work with Snapper Mail. (If anyone gets this workin, please post it)

    I am still testing other features. Obviously some features like lid ope/close sounds will not work.
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    Let's make a list of software that does not work:

    Business Connection
    Treo300 SMS
    Sprint SMS
    VeriChat (no color for some reason) Edit: old version


    June Fabrics - they make PDANet, already has an updated version of PDANet for the Treo 600. Which is great, the only downside is that you will have to buy the new version.

    PDA Apps - they make Treo300SMS, as well as a few other things. I emailed them, and their reply was that they have a version of SMS for the Treo 600, but they are not sure if they are going to release it yet. Due to the fact that Sprint has said they are going to have a native SMS program for the Treo 600.


    The Sprint website itself says that BC for the T600 will not work, and they have not released a version that will work.

    From this Thread
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    BackupMan from seems to work GREAT
    (no 5Way support Though)
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    PDApps VerChat works Great including 5 Way Nay on SprintPCS Treo600 reguardless of the SMS issue. (it works)
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    Originally posted by ComicMasta

    NOT Compatable:
    KBTracker - PDApps is working on a port for OS5
    Also BigClock & Cesium

    Can anyone recommend another clock/timer application that works?
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    TicToc is a great multi event timmer- and its free
    Clock+ is a clock and timmer

    Both work on Treo600, but no 5Way support
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    Did anyone get the audible player to work on the Treo 600?

    Each time I try the play button it crashes on me. Am I the only one ?
    Anyone more luck ?
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    Only got my Treo600 today but the following apps. seem to be OK, touch wood.

    Metro 5.0.1 works OK
    Pocket Chess 2.5 works.
    1.chart 2.42 is OK
    OnlyMe 5.03 works OK

    XRing 1.0 doesnt find ringtones
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    Jot works on the Jot side, but not Grafitti
    Word Complete does not work (causes keyboard problems)

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