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    Hopefully someone who has already gotten their 600 can elaborate... mine's coming tomorrow. I spoke with a woman in Order Inquiry Dept who said that it shipped out today with a "rebate form"... does this rebate only apply to new lines of service? Any idea how much it might be? I'm an existing customer who didn't renew his contract upon order, and am simply replacing my current phone.

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    I ordered today and was told that a rebate form would be included. The SPCS rep did not ask if this was a new line of service. I plan to replace my existing phone. I sure hope its valid, otherwise I'm gonna be in (even deeper) trouble with my wife when she learns the price I paid.
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    I got from them the same story. They said rebate is in box mention that you want 2 year contract when you are switching the ESN on your account and you will get $150... Sounds fishy but we will see...
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    I called today for tracking number. They say my order did not go through becouse they could not give me a rebate. What a pain!!! So no T600 for me yet...

    If you have been told that rebate is in the box call back and ask for your order status. Most likely it will not go through.
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    I just called the customer service number and asked if they would do anything in service credits if I bought 2 Treo 600s. My contract is through Aug, 2004. They said if I renewed it for an additional year, they would give me $100 in service credits on each line (so $200). Order is on it's way today (for delivery).

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    I talked to a rep today..only way to get rebate (150 bucks) is to go to a Sprint store......they can do an instant rebate right on the spot.


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