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    Looking like that delgaggio case is the one i'd go with.
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    You mean Bellagio. But did you see the Convertec cases due out at month end. Very nice and much nicer that the HS stuff. I am looking at those. I may have to order both.
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    Is Nutshell the only company that makes or planning to make a nice, leather holster-type for the 600?
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    Hi Guys

    Many thanks for the accolades, and for the sales. Much appreciated.

    However, in the interest of having happy customers, I have to enter a word of caution here.

    Several folk have opted to purchase our case with the full-flap option for their Treo 600 - which is a bit of a problem. The full-flap does not have a cut-away for the antenna, which naturally means it's not going to close correctly.

    We do make note on the Treo 600 page that the full-flap option is not recommended for the Treo 600.

    Because we cannot second-guess our users, and the way they are likely to holster their Treo in their Nutshell, we suggest you choose the regular holster (with the center top-tab) or a pouch (with no top-tab).

    The center top-tab is sculpted to accept the antenna whichever way you choose to holster your Treo, and obviously the pouch does not present any problems.

    Thanks for your support and understanding.
    Ian @ Nutshell
    "When you least expect it...always expect the unexpected."
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    Yeah that Bellagio is the one I like. Looks like a lot of planning went into this. Anybody wanna buy this one for me and we can trade something. I work for sprint. So if anybody has any questions let me know. I guess I'm not in a big rush to get a new case. I am just getting kind of frustrated when i go to put my phone in my case the buttons are being pushed because the case is so physically tight.
    I just want to be able to use a stylus on the screen with a belt clip and it has to be leather. And I'd prefer to have the camera accessible.
    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    My Treo600 ( with the form fitting case/clip not attached ) fits snuggley into my old Treo 300 HS pouch. Anyone try this???

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    The nutshell for the treo 300 works fine for the treo 600 unless you use a SD card. The card pops up about every other time you remove the phone. This is not a problem with the nut shell product just poor planning by handspring. For now I have decided to use my nutshell without the sd card.
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    Originally posted by jon20910


    Very interested in your assessment of this case.

    Just posted brief comments in another thread:
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