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    Anybody seen any available?

    My purse is hard on devises!
    Hitting 'Em Hard, Long and Straight
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    Yes, I was thinking the same thing (sans purse).. Any ideas?


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    Is the screen the same size as the Treo 300? If so, these might work.


    I have these for my PPC and they work very well.. Don't know the dimension comparisons between the 300 and 600 though.

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    The 600's screen is slightly smaller. It should be easy to cut to fit, though.
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    PPC Techs & Brando will have screen protectors soon. They both require the size of the screen in mm vs inches. So for those who have theirs can you either post the screen dimensions or email them directly? My won't be here for another day.
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    I prefer Boxwave screen protectors to Brando, etc. Boxwave website shows one for Treo 600 will ship on 10/25.

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    I just bought it from ebay.

    I'll let you know the quality when it arrives.

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