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    So what was that about the T600's not shipping?

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    Who gives a flying **** where those two are?


    The TREO 600s - all 2400 of them - have been shipped AND the best info we have is the GSM TREO 600 in Europe has been recalled.

    Way to go, Handspring - that'll save ya alrightee!


    There ya go, TreoCentral - an ENTIRE thread dedicated to crap.

    Do your thang!
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    please don't start things, thats how arguements turn into fights and out of control, they havent posted anything so don't make them and then get upset when people are flaming other people. so they made a sure for awhile we all thought it wouldn't ship. just let it go please.
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    Excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

    I was ABSOLUTELY correct in my observations about Handspring's non"shipment" shipping, thank you!

    If you have some strange perceptions of those observations, go back and read my posts.


    Why the FUDGE do you give a FUDGE about what ANOTHER POSTER historically said!?

    I can't even remember what the ASSSSSHOLE who started this thread posted in THIS thread without reading it again!
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    So, now you resort to cursing...

    Jeez.. someone delete this thread and seldom...
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    Yes, he that is not to be named is always right.
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    And he who is a stupid bagholder but won't admit hasn't been right yet.

    Wonder if TreoCentral staff have day jobs...
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    Of course I was joking.

    He whose name we can not mention has not been right about most of the speculative stuff that he/she posted.

    Of course, he will come on here and claim that if you go read the posts, you'll see that he is right.

    Which is not true. I remember the posts very well and remember the arguments.

    He relies on the fact that no one has the stamina to go and read the lengthy, repetitive, pedantic, drawn-out discussions to find out. Only those who actually were paying attention and being part of the "discourse" really know. And if you pursue precise points, he then accuses you of being stupid for not understanding what he means. Assuming that is actually true (and it is not), actual smart people never use this technique. It's the job of the intellectually-advantaged to explain his/her points of view to the "less fortunate" audience. It betrays incompetence and having baseless theories.

    But in the grand scheme of things, who cares? The devices are coming out. This site can't even keep up with traffic anymore. The reviews are awesome. Those who used or received them are ecstatic.

    Rooting for success is much more rewarding and fulfilling than rooting for failure. So is dwelling on the positives vs the negatives.
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    Then why the **** are you posting in this thread (that shoukldn't even exist except the Editors fell flat again)?

    Something tells me you speak with forked tongue.
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Then why the **** are you posting in this thread (that shoukldn't even exist except the Editors fell flat again)?

    Something tells me you speak with forked tongue.
    Nice response.

    I'm posting because I can. Who are you to tell me what to do?

    Stop cursing. Start thinking.
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    Wooo hooo, a week early.

    (I still think it's a month late, but at least it's not mid november. And of course it's only select stores too.)
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    Well, you get what you ask for... At least this thread, while having very little value, is a change from the upteen thread saying I've ordered it/discounted it/received it/activated it...

    The one thing I wonder: how did FrequentVisitor manage to respond SO FREAKING FAST Either he spends his time lurking here or that's a huge coincidence...

    Anyway, just wondering.

    Posters can now resume Trolling
    Since people have problems with my Einstein quotes, I will now quote my true hero: Homer Simpson.

    "Doh !'
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    Shhh..."they" think that means "available".
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    Good grief - a regular question in a thread of crap!

    Well, before the thread dissappears, a quickie regular answer!

    During the trading day (as well as somewhat before and somewhat after, like right now!) I have multiple full-screen browser windows on my display that I flit from one to another, hitting refresh as I flit by - when I return if there's something new I read it and, if it's total crap like this thread, I respond!

    Flit flit flit!

    All day long!

    Not to mention the trading application, email, Usenet, and occasional other full-screen windows.

    Wouldn't work on a Treo screen, not even 640x640...
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    What is the point of this thread again?
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    The originator wanted to look clever - we're all mightily trying to help him.

    Doesn't look like we're succeeding, eh?
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    Whew....well that was fun, wasn't it?

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    Maybe the thread number should be renamed from seldom visitor to seldom right.
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    It's a thread about nothing.

    And like the show about nothing, the thread about nothing could be quite entertaining!

    Right, Mol?
  20. purpleX
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    So the real question is,
    where are the first impression posts? I mean it could still be a couple of 'Hanspring' hakcs posturing as early customer right?

    Just kidding, so anybody out there who got the toy, post first impression. And of course I'll hack it to pieces afterward.
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