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    We are beta testing a Blackberry Server and running an Exchange Server in a campus environment. Does anyone know if the Treo 600 will be able to use the push technology of Blackberry and receive email from an Exchange environment? I am hoping for the Treo as an alternative to purchasing Blackberrys for my users that want the Palm OS.
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    I don't think that the blackberry software will push to a treo. I know that the Good software is suppose to push to treos and blackberries. That is what our office is going to use. Read about good on the home page of or
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    BlackBerry and the Treo 600 don't play together. BlackBerry still relies on its own devices.

    There are a few solutions for enterprise mail on a Treo 600, including the solution Sprint provides -- Business Connection -- and as the prior person mentioned, Good.

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