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    Is there any news on Cingular's release of the Treo 600? I am itching, but need to stay put with my carrier. I am getting the run around with Cing. Anyone with a different experience?
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    I have wormed my way into the inner working down here in Houston, and am told, by the guy in charge of it, that they have the devices and are rigorously testing (this is BEYOND the lab testing that usually happens) Sprint does not do this.

    Cingular is on track for this month, but at the rate plans I've seen in Houston - I might have to swich to Sprint (75$$$$$ for unlimited web broseing - and 15$ MORE for email????) I think not
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    I know Cingular is ready to go just as soon as they are given approval to sell the Treo 600. They do have the Treo 600 accessories in stock an you can order them today.

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    Well, I'm in the same boat. I'm in NC where TMo is not even an option. My current phone is with Cingular and I called them today and they had the 600 on the system. I can get it for $499 with a 2 year extension or $549 with a 1 year.

    My problem with Cingular is their data plans. They are horribly overpriced when compared to the competition. The whole point of a device like the T600 is to be able to use data wirelessly. Sure it's a phone, but let's face it someone who just wants a phone isn't going to be in the market for the T600. What I'd like to see is Cingular roll out some new data pricing with this phone. Otherwise, I'd rather pay the early termination and move to Sprint.

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    To get information on upgrading to the 600 on Cingular? I just called CS and got told that the only Treo they are offering is the 270. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    866-CINGULAR is what I called, but went the sales route as if I was going to purchase a new account. I just explained I wanted to possibly upgrade my existing phone. They then found the phone and gave me the info.
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    I just called cingular sales, and explained that the lid had broken off my treo 270 and I wanted to replace it with the 600 - the guy searched his computer, said it was being tested, and wasn't sure when it would be available. I laughed, and he offered to check handspring's website, which he did. Then as an afterthought he said, by the end of the year it should be out! He seemed sure that it was not for sale, although he had heard of it.
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    Maybe it's not really for sale yet. In my conversation, I didn't actually get to the point of asking them to put an order through. I just wanted to see if they even knew what it was yet and had pricing. I think I'll end up breaking my contract and going to Sprint...
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    Originally posted by macaroni

    The whole point of a device like the T600 is to be able to use data wirelessly. Sure it's a phone, but let's face it someone who just wants a phone isn't going to be in the market for the T600. -Mac
    Not true. I disabled Vision on my Treo 300 'cause its worthless - too slow to be useful for anything. Played with some of the mail programs, and without a spam filter on it, again found it worthless. The value to me was to combine my Palm and my cellphone into one device, which the 300 did. I still dont understand why anyone wants slow data acess, but maybe it's cause I live on DS-3 and OC-64 links to the Net all day. I disabled Vision about a month after I got my 300 last year.

    When i go to the 600 in a few weeks, it's for easier one handed use in car, etc, for the better screen in sunlight and MAINLY, for the hoped for Bluetooth SD card to use my wireless headset with.

    I want a Palm because I use many Palm apps (Handyshopper, bejeweled, etc.) all the time and want it all in ONE place.

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    I tried the 'new sales route' as well, but the CSR had never heard of the 600. She offered the T270, but I told her no thanks. I asked her to speak to a manager/supervisor for more information and she got a little agitated with me..."Sir, if it's not on the website, then I can't sell it to you. Please check the Cingular website and try back when it's posted there."

    Are they trying to push me to Sprint or TMO?
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    My company is a Cingular corporate account in North Carolina. The cingular tech we work with has had a GSM 600 for at least a couple of weeks - he and his peers have them and are testing them as noted above (he was also the first person I knew with a 180). Another guy on my staff visited our account team today and got to play with one (I'm jealous). So Cingular has them, but they tell us they're not for sale yet. No official ETA beyond the October 20th date that was floated at Mission Possible.

    Also, rumor has it from our Cingular sources that they will be adopting more attractive data plans soon.


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