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    Has anyone spotted the phones in a Sprint store yet? I called the 888-253-1315 number this morning, and was told they're on backorder and cannot be shipped to me for another five days. I'm wondering if they will be in stores before then. Any sightings yet?
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    Try CompUSA. Greenteeth posted in another thread that a Southern California CompUSA supposedly has them.
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    Check my post (right now two below yours ). Allegedly, someone just bought from CompUSA in SoCal.

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    Anyway, at least here's the link to my other post
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    Call telesales again. When I called last night at 11:30 ther were over 1900 still in inventory.

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    I order through Sprint's Salt Lake center and recieved the following info:

    My rep had placed 5 600 orders in 2 hours. There are over 200 reps in her location. Do the math.

    The CSR centers get them "a few weeks" before the stores to assist the stores in estimating how many to order. There is a formula they use to determine the CSR rate, and the particular demographics of the store.

    All 600 orders, and all orders from the Salt Lake center are currently being handwritten. There was a problem with the software update for the fourth quarter plan and phone changes. She stated that my phone will probably be "ordered" tomorrow for a Firday or Saturday delivery.
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    I stopped by - again - today at my local store in a Dallas suburb. They told me - again - that it could be months before they see the phone. I said 'how could that be, when others are receiving their devices already, and a reseller here in town has like 30 of them?!?' Their response was to tell me to call BestBuy and see if they have any. puh-leeze.
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    I ordered it through telesales. They told me delievered in 3-5 business days, rather than the normal 1-2 days because of high order volume of the phone. She didn't know diddley about giving me a tracking number or anything like that. Maybe I can call back later about it. No confirmation number even. She said use my current Sprint phone # as a confirmation number if there are problems.

    And apparently Chicagoland CompUSAs don't have the phone yet.
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    I just got off the phone with a Sprint Express store and 2 units arrived today.
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    I called the 888-253-1315 number this morning at 7:00am PST and began the process of ordering the T600. As a new customer, they wanted to run a credit check and call me back to finish the transaction.

    While that was supposedly in progress, I called back at 9:15am and lo and behold I was connected to Yolanda, who had assisted several other "TreoCentral folks" on Monday. She processed my order without any delays, and was very cheerful and professional. My order has been processed and I should be receiving my T600 between tomorrow and Friday. I don't have a UPS Tracking number yet, so I guess I need to call back for that.

    She said something about the phone will be set up with my account info. when I receive it, so I'm wondering if Sprint has set up some special procedure for processing these orders whereby they physically program the phones for each customer before ship them out (hence the slight lag between ordering and shipping & providing a tracking number).

    Anyway, I got the phone with 2-yr contract for $449.99, no activation fee, & 2 mo. free Vision.

    Can't wait to get the package!
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    I ordered mine...i am just waiting for confirmation they have to call me back
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    I've been told by a Sprint store rep that several stores in the US received their phones today as of early this morning. The store that I will be purchasing my phone from in Socal will be receiving theirs on Thursday. It's just a waiting game now...
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    Just ordered through 888-253-1315. Spoke to Rae (sp? - female rep) - most knowledgeable rep I have ever dealt with: courteous, smart, responsive. Worked out the 2-year deal for $150 off. Asked her if there was a delay or backorder. She said absolutely not, but because it was so late it might not go out til tomorrow, which meant a Thursday delivery (to Virginia). She said they ARE taking orders by hand and managers are then placing the order, which also means some marginal delay. They did require a credit card #, and she said she would call back tomorrow with a tracking number. Based on my experience, I'd say Rae and Yolanda are the stars of that CS center. If you get one of them, you're likely to have success. Good luck.
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    Trust me, the CompUSA store in Mission Viejo does not have them in stock yet. I just went down there and they told me they've received numerous calls about the T600 (Probably due to the fact that it's posted on this discussion list) but they are definitely not in the store.
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    just ordered via the 888 # posted here earlier, after a few minutes on hold I got a clueful rep named Roberto who seemed to know exactly what the Treo 600 was, etc. Told me that the order would have to go in via a "paper order" but that it would ship out within 5 days (hopefully sooner, like everyone else!). He promised I would get an email confirmation including tracking number as soon as the order was entered into the system. Total price was $600 w/ $150 mail-in rebate supposedly included in the box (2-year contract). I plan to replace my existing phone with the Treo. Can't wait for it to arrive. w00t!
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    Just placed my order as well on 1315 number. I have been calling all day and nobody wanted to give me discount since I am existing customer. This guy I talked to told me that mail-in rebate is in box with Treo 600 and that when I call in to switch the ESN I should mention that I want to extend my contract for 2 years... Sounds fishy but I used it as excuse to order... We'll see... It seems I am not the only one that has been told so...
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    Just ordered mine. Called 800-480-4727. I've had a busy day, and havent' had to 30 min needed to stay on hold. I got thru once, 1315 number, and was shot down with "out of stock/backordered"

    I just talked to Jason, and he said "Nah, I see them in the warehouse" I'll have to call back to get the tracking info, but he gave me all the info I would need.

    I just recently re-upped to a 1yr contract, cuz my minutes were killing me.. he extended it to 2 years, over the phone, and the $100 credit shows up on my next bill.

    Cost of phone $599
    Minus credit $100
    Toal cost: $499!

    Now, let's see how long it takes to get here
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    I just bought mine from the Sprint store in Beavercreek Ohio (a suburb of Dayton).

    They had 2 arrive mid-day today.
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    Since you just picked one up at the store, was the rebate form in the box?

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    I added a 3rd line to my account so I received an instant $150 rebate.
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