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    Here's an FYI. Yesterday at noon calif. time I called 1 888 788 4727... Sprint Cust. care, spoke with Edward. Ordered a Treo 600. It was on my desk this morning. Deal was a new year contract, purchase price of $599 less a $100 credit for the new year.

    It's beautiful, still charging up.

    Go get 'em.
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    Was the 'new year contract' a new line/new customer activation? Or was it extending existing service a year?
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    Hi, the new year was an extention. My current contract ends 1/20/04 (this was from my treo 300) and the new year will begin at the end of the current contract.
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    Same here. One day delivery, one year extension of existing contract (mine expires 11/20/03).
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    Wow, that would be great if I could get that rebate plus the HS rebate, whatever that would be. In theory I could get the 600 for $400.
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    was the $100 credit applied immediately, or is it a mail-in rebate/credit?
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    I was told there would be a $599 charge on the next invoice along with a $100 credit.
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    Originally posted by Henry Friedman
    I called 1 888 788 4727... Sprint Cust. care, spoke with Edward. Ordered a Treo 600.
    I just called that number and the representative that I talked to did not know anything about the Treo 600. I eplored the issue and in fact read the above part of the post.

    (Even though I had dialed 888 788 4727), the rep told me that she was at 888 211 4727 and that the 788 number was for business accounts. We figured that when I entered my phone number I was transferred to the non-business line section.

    Thus, two questions:

    1) I assme the original poster was ordering on a business account (if not, it would be helpful to me and others like me to know if you were able to place your personal order on the business line.)

    2) In general, what is the best way for those who do NOT have a business account to now order the Treo 600?

    Thank you.
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    I just called the telephone number on my bill and had no problem. I am not a business customer.

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