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    I should have my Treo 600 sometime this week. My contract is about to expire, and was looking at Sprint's website before calling to try and renew . I currently have the $10 a month unlimited Vision plan. I notice Sprint now offers these Vision Packs? These seem to be geared more towards their other phones, ones with more limited internet access. Does it even make sense to go with one of these with the 600? My undestanding was that Blazer 3 didn't use Sprint's proxy, and unless they are monitoring all connections, they will have a tough time billing "web" access vs other types of access, say ssh, IM, etc.


    Adam Mazza
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    According to Sprint CS unlimited vision is now $15. I think they added the "vision packs" to soften the blow to people signing up now. It looks to new customers like you get more for $15 instead of $10, but I think you're required to pay $15 for unlimited vision reguardless of whether you want the packs or not. That is what I was told by a rep after I called up about extending my contract. Someone tell me I'm wrong, so I can save $5 a month...

    On a side note to the OP: Call sprint and tell them you want to cancel and try to get a rentention plan. I've heard about people getting free vision on some of those. has a huge thread on retention plans. Some people on that board are claiming 480 minutes, NWs starting at 8, and unlimited vision for $40...

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