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    I wanted to warn everyone that placed telesales orders with Sprint yesterday that they should definitely verify their order was processed ASAP because if your experience was like mine the order might not have been entered in.

    Following a lot of people's experience yesterday, I was finally able to order a Treo 600 through the business telesales # (888-233-3538), however, as many of you know, their systems were down so the reps were taking everything down manually to be processed later.

    I called this morning to get a tracking # for my order and low and behold there was no record whatsoever of the order. Furthermore, the rep told me she couldn't order the Treo 600 for me and booted me to another rep (800-480-4727) who also told me she couldn't order the 600.

    Pulling my hair out in frustration I returned to the discussion boards and found that the telesales at 1-888-253-1315 was able to put in an order (through their old system) and I finally have a confirmed order with a new mobile number!

    So there is a happy ending to this story, but if I hadn't called this morning I would have been waiting for the phone to arrive and not received a thing!

    Hope this helps,
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    Good warning. It seems that the system is pretty chaotic.

    However, many of us have tracking numbers and are currently watching the UPS site. Right now, mine says that the package went out for delivery from my local UPS warehouse at 7:24 a.m.
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    I ordered last night, about 23:00 EDT, and was given a confirmation number, there computers were up at the time. I did call today and tried to get a tracking number, but was told they wouldn't have that information til later in the day today.


    Adam Mazza
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    I also had to "re-order" it this morning. Just got off the phone and finally have one enroute.

    I ordered it yesterday morning through one of the numbers and kept calling all throughout the day to get a tracking number. Well, nobody could give me one. I finally spoke to somebody this morning that stated the department that took my order yesterday took it through "templates" (no idea what she meant). But this meant the order would be sent out in approximately 3 weeks.

    Well, the person I spoke with yesterday assured me I would get in in three days or less. What in the world is going on with Sprint?

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    Don't let anyone take a "paper order," or any order where you don't immediately get a new phone number. I placed my order with TeleSales at around 4:00pm EST yesterday. As of 11:30am today, the order was still not in the system. Worst of all, there was no record of me ever placing that order. I had to re-order my Treo 600 this morning, got a new number, and will supposedly have my phone in 2-3 days. I instructed TeleSales to cancel the first order, but because it's a paper order, who knows what will happen.

    What a joke.
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    Please call and double check your orders. I just called to get a tracking #, and low and behold, nothing. Double checked w/ my credit card and no charges so I ordered another. Today, the rep, Seth, really seemed to know what he was doing. He even checked to make sure I didn't have a piece of paper w/ my name on it floating around somewhere.

    SO, he gave me a 3-5 day window. Goes out next day air (which apparently all their phones do) so tracking numbers only exist for 24 hours. He said that b/c it shows a 3-5 day window, they are probably still in stock, but that can 'change very quickly'. 5-7 days or backorder is a bad thing. But the good thing is that he was under the impression that there were a few lots of devices on the way anyways. He could have just been blowing smoke, but at least I don't hate sprint anymore.

    I want the device pretty bad, but I don't want two. $650 is a lot of cash.
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    Same damn problem, and same damn frustration. I called this morning to place the order with telesales (1-888-253-1315). Gave them my credit card and everything, order was completed, and the guy, who sounded like he had a clue, transferred me to customer service to renew my contract so I could get a rebate, but first he told me to call later to get the tracking info. I called 4 hours later, and lo and behold, no order. They have a record of my new contract extension, of course, but no record of my order. 3 different people, including a supervisor, told me that the order will probably show up in a day or so, and if it doesn't, to order again.

    I usually have a pretty good experience with SPCS, but this was unacceotable. Totally bush league. When I ordered my Samsung i500, the day it came out, I had it in my hand the next day, no problems. This was crazy. I guess I'll wait until I can find it in a CompUSA or Best Buy, whenever that will be.
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    Be carefull when re-ordering. I was told that your account is not noted when you order a phone. Only when the order is processed by the wherehouse and is shipped. Check w/ your credit card company before re-ordering.
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    Don't waste your time looking at Best Buy, they're not going to carry the 600.
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    Oh, I've been around and around trying to figure out what is going on with my order. Yesterday (on Monday), I was finally able to order the phone about 4pm EST after 3 or 4 calls to different numbers.

    My rep told me that I was to get a $150 discount for resigning a two year contract. He transferred me over to CS after I placed the order. I talk to a guy who is very interested in me renewing my contract. He says he'll give me 5% off of my monthly bill if I renew for one year. I told him that the guy told me to renew for two years and I'd get $150 off the cost of the phone. He put me on hold and came back and told me he couldn't find anything on that. But, if it was supposed to happen, then I needed to renew my contract right then and there.

    I said, "Uhh, I don't want to renew my contract if you can't tell me that I'm getting the discount. I'll just renew it when I call back in to activate my new phone."

    He told me that if I didn't renew it right then, that I "probably" wouldn't get the $150 off.

    My guess was, that he was full of BS. Forget it - no contract renewal.

    Today, I call back for tracking information and there is nothing. So, I check my credit card and I discover that it has not been charged yet.

    So, I call back this morning and the next rep tells me that she does see that there are notes, indicating that an order has been placed. She said it probably just hasn't processed yet, and to call back later after 4pm.

    So, I called back just now (close to 5pm EST) and the rep told me that he couldn't tell the status of the order. It has yet to be processed and my credit cards have yet to be charged. He told me to call back tommorrow.

    I just don't know, I hope I get it eventually.

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