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    So I ordered a T600 as did my friend yesterday. We both added them as "add a phones" to existing plans. Both plans were old Free & Clear plans. We both changed our pans to new ones on the web site. Here is the kicker, you tell me who got a deal or who got screwed cause we don't know.

    We both switched to the $50 a month plan for 700 minutes. I then used the PCS Add-a-Phone with PCS Vision option for $25 and becuase I was aggreing to a 2 year deal already got pcs-pcs calling for free so the total package was $75.

    He got switched to the 700 minutes plan for $50, BUT his rep said that he had to add PCS Vision first ($15), then the add a phone with vision ($25) and then said that he couldn't combine deals and so still charge him $5 for pcs-pcs calling. SO his final bill was $95.......

    So did his rep screw him, or did he get done the way he was supposed to. I'm afraid to call and ask about my account for fear that they will notice it is too low and up my bill

    Amazing how friggin complex these stupid things can be.

    Now to scour the web and find that 2.5mm-3.5mm headset adapter dohicky.......
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    Hmmm...this is a good question.... If you can indeed get vision on your second line (you did add it with vision), then I think your friend got screwed. However, the question is does Sprint require both lines to have vision...??? Usually, add-a-phone is $ basically you paid $5 for vision. Vision sells for $15...

    I don't're right, these plans are confusing as hell.

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    Well, it sounds like to me that you got a bit lucky and he got a bit of the shaft. Sadly, I'm in the same boat and I'm debating whether to actually add a phone or not as I think the new plans suck compared to the one that I'm on, but I can't add a phone to my old plan. With that said, it's my understanding that you get the plan first. That's $50. Then you add a Vision pack to that plan which is an additional $15. Then you add a phone to that plan which is $20. Finally, you want vision on that phone so it's an additional $5. Grand total is $90. You only get free PCS-to-PCS with a 2 year agreement or if you get a really nice rep. I hope you and your friend each got a $100(1 year) or $150(2 year) credit for that new add a line! I'd check on your account as it sounds like Vision is not on your first phone possibly. I'd tell your friend to call back b/c I bet he can get PCS-to-PCS for free.

    On a personal note, I've been with Sprint since 1997. No problems with the company, but the customer service sucks so bad. I am very afraid to even mess with my plan b/c the CS is so bad that you can't tell if they know what's what or not. I, like many others here, have gotten so many different answers as to what they can or can't do, will or won't do, that's it's hard to say what's what. I wouldn't say it's parnoia to call and confirm what you have today and whether it's correct or not.
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    The nice CSR rep I spoke with last night (Beth) said I didn't have to change anything in my plan. I have the $85, 2000 AT, unlimited NW, free pcs-to-pcs, vision on both lines... So, I'm sticking with that one ;->

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    Really? That's the exact plan that I'm on. I don't have a 2nd line though and they're giving my grief on adding the Treo 600 as a 2nd phone since our plan doesn't exist anymore. Sprint's really good at letting you keep a plan, but they sure aren't worth a flip when it comes down a year later and you want to change something on it.
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    Huh...maybe it's because you didn't have the second line... I don't know...


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