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    Originally posted by herbdexter
    I have made 2 calls to Sprint and 2 to handspring and called 4 local stores---no one admits to having the Treo 600 ,

    Where were you able to order them??? What was the price??
    was there a Sprint discount and a Handspring discount?
    Did you upgrade or did you use a new phone number and account.???
    Very frustrating--I am dying to know how you accomplished the purchase??

    I am located in Eastern Massachusetts...
    I'm also in Eastern MA and have been calling all over the place today with no luck.

    I ordered one this morning from SPCS, but, lo and behold, the order was missing when I called for the tracking info. I think I'll wait until it's in retail. Let me know if you find one ANYWHERE. I'll do the same.
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    Originally posted by mad6c

    How feasible do you think it is to carry the device around in your pocket? I like the features of the Treo 600 but I must be able to carry it around in my pocket. What are you thoughts now that you have one?

    Hey Mike,

    Carrying in the pocket seems to work fine, given your pants are somewhat loose. Also, the slip case that comes with the unit adds some thickness that makes it less feasible, but with a thinner case, it would probably be fine.
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    Do feel that you need a case if you are going to carry it around in your pocket? What about just using a screen protector? Thanks for the reply.

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    Ordered my T600 Tuesday morning around 9:15am PST from Sprint telesales.

    It was delivered by UPS at 11:20am PST this morning.

    Just waiting for it to charge before I fire it up and check it out.

    I've been using a Samsung SCH-850 on Verizon for the last 3 years, so I'm curious to see how Sprint works out for me. At least this will be the last "new" cell phone number I'll have (unless I move somewhere else and want the number to reflect that), given the number portability.

    I've been using a Palm IIIe since 1999, so this is a big step up for me, over several OS iterations. Really looking forward to having a converged device. Only downside with phone, e-mail & SMS is that now people will know they can always reach me one way or another--no escape!
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    Obviously, I can't say for sure that it's the case until I get my hands on one, but the 600 doesn't look that much smaller or stylish than the 300. Obviously, the 300's flip when talking was hideous, but when they're both sitting there, they both look like geek phones.
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    WOW, that case is but ugly. Now I know what i need to order. Just can't decide between hip case and full case.
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