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    Has anyone tried Audible Player on a Treo 600? We're big Audible fans, and it would be great to have books to carry around.

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    Well, the Treo 600 isn't out in 99% of our hands, but the review surprised me when it did mention that it can play back the Audible format. So I'm guessing that yes, you can indeed, play back on the Treo.
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    I'm also an Audible user & fan.

    Is there a special piece of software for the Treo called Audible Player?

    I would love to be able to play audible formatted material on the Treo 600, currently I use the Otis Audible player.

    Please advise on how to use audible on the treo 600.
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    My Treo should arrive shortly. I will not be using it with audible. In the past, audible as not worked with certain pda's such as clies;however, audible has recently expanded its reach to include more devices. The clie UX50 is a great($700) device that initially(just 4 weeks ago) was not compatible with audible. About 10 days age, audible posted a patch because of the popularity of the UX50 with individuals who spend big bucks on audio books. The same should prob hold true for the Treo. So, if not compatible today, it will be shortly.
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    As an avid audible user I emailed audible when I saw that the treo 600 had a mp3 player . They replied that they would not be supporting the treo at this time to contact the maunfacturer. I hope that you are right. I just replaced my otis with a new one and am considering an ipod. If this works I don't need an ipod.
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    The odd thing is that Audible Player is supported for the new Palm handhelds running v5 that have mp3 support. Like the new Tungstens and the Zire 71.

    The Audible Player is a free download from Palm, but I've not messed with it to know if there is some DRM stuff that goes onto the PC and checks device types.....or exactly how it works.

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    I'd be surprised if the Audible software, specifically for the Zire 71, didn't work on the new Treo. It has the same processor, right?

    I've been an Audible user for three years, now, on various devices; most recently, Pocket PC. I'll let you know that their software is processor-specific, even though it lists devices on their download page. I've installed HP Jornada software onto a TMobile PPC Phone, and so on...and it works perfectly everytime.

    The Audible software for the Tungsten T worked on the Tungsten C when it came out, even when Audible claimed it wouldn't...or at least they said they wouldn't support it.

    I bet it works, IMHO. Just a guess, though, until it's confirmed.
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    I am also an Audible user and am hoping to use my Treo 600 to play their files.

    Audible files contain a specific identifier that plays with only their player...supposedly it has been explained.
    This is what that call "initializing the device".

    Someone tried the player for the T on the Treo emulator and found the program ran with problems formating for the screen. They did not try to run a file to see if it would play, however.

    I called Audible and they told me it wouldnt support HS unless specifically requested by HS for each device. She said that Palm had made it a device specific license for them unlike MS devices.

    What I believe is that the programs and the files will probably work and that Audible is soon support the device.

    I am hoping to leave my IPOD home and carry only one device.
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    In the pacakge of software that Handspring sent me to go along with the Treo 600, i had a working version of audible. I assume it was the standerd one that you download.
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    Please let us know if it works.
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    so I am trying Audible player on my Treo....and right the screen does not match up...but after some work...initializing, activating and get it to finally download via the sync first book.

    It is only NPR radio show...but the download has taken fourty minutes for an hour show.

    Any ideas on how to speed up the transfer.
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    Well...everytime I hit the play key ....I get a soft reset.

    So I would like some help with audible play and the treo.
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    I too am an Audible fan that is getting a soft reset every time I try to play a file. I sent an e-mail to Audible's help desk, but no response so far. Now that a bunch of us have 600's, anyone have any fixes?
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    I just received this from Audible. Lets keep our fingers crossed, if this works I won't have to buy an Ipod.

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you for contacting

    We are definately hoping Handspring could make the Treo 600 compatible with our service. We definately are just as anxious as our customers to make this device compatible. Our record for Pocket PCs, Palms, etc, is getting pretty good. There is the Clie, most new Palm Devices, and virtually every Pocket PC on the market. We don't see why the Treo line should be any different. We're working on it! I have forwarded your email to our executives, who are acutely aware of the demand. Thanks for letting us know what devices you'd like to see us work with.

    By the way, you might want to email Handspring to let them know also!

    Please include this message if you are replying with additional information.

    Audible Customer Support
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    I would love to try the software on my Treo 600. I purchased it from SprintPCS and it didn't come with audible player. I know that audible player is free but the one that is downloadable off of their site is ONLY FOR HI-RES SCREEN pda's.

    Could you please post the special one formatted for the Treo 600?

    I know that we would really appreciate it.

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    Originally posted by Ben in NYC
    Well...everytime I hit the play key ....I get a soft reset.

    So I would like some help with audible play and the treo.
    I am also a big audible fan (had the original audible player...) and now use an ipod. I would like it on my Treo 600 too, but it resets it everytime I hit a screen icon (menus work ok, but you can't play the material). It is a sprint Treo 600. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can get a audible.prc that doesn't reload when you launch it.

    Search on "Sony Clie UX-50 and the UX-40", and there is an attachment PalmAudiblePlayer.prc

    I'm still not certain if audible will work as the audible manager wiped out my usb driver and I don't have the disk with me right now

    I'd be interested if someone can take this further
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    Not sure where you are suggesting I search. Do you mean search the TreoCentral forum? Could you post some more directions so I can find the .prc? I would definitely like to try it out.

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    search on the audible web set help
    I have now got it going, and it does work without crashing (so far)
    I do have to say use this at your own risk, as it is unsupported by audible,
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    Got it!

    thanks very much. Seems to be working great!
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