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    Hi, can you let us all know if it continues to work over the next few days and weeks? Thanks and take care, jay
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    These links may or may not work... not sure if there is a session ID in the URL that will timeout. Give them a try.

    Link to help article on UX-50 UX-40**&p_li=

    Direct download of the beta OS 5.2 Audible player from Audible help site
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    Your solution works as advertised. However, I have Audible content on my SD and the program cannot "read" the SD card, only the content on the Treo itself. Any suggestions on how to listen to the content on the card?
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    Try these steps.

    1. Always check to make sure that the SD card does not have the write protect switch in the wrong position. This is probably not the problem, but always worth checking.

    2. Ensure you have the most recent version of the AudibleManager software installed.

    3. Ensure you have already installed and activated your Treo as a palm device (and subsequently installed the beta app as discussed above).

    4. See the attached image in my next post for a sample of the settings that will be available. You should be able to select either the SD Card when the Treo is attached and the SD Card is in it, or use a card reader and pop the SD Card into that. The latter method is much faster.

    5. You can probably drag and drop them right onto the SD Card in the correct directory that AudibleManager makes on the card, as that's how I used to do it with PocketPC, but I haven't tried and this method is simple enough for me.
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    Sample of AudibleManager screen
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Thank you for your very precise reply; but let me ask: Do I install the Audible application to the SD or the 600 itself?
    Thanks again.
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    The 600.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thank everyone for all the help! Your solution worked. I synched my Audible content through the Audible manager onto my SD using the card reader option in the Audible software.
    The person who is responsible for this workaround may wish to forward his solution or this thread to Audible customer service.

    Now that this issue has been overcome successfully, how do I playback through my car radio/cassette player, conveniently?
    FM transmitter? Headhone adapter?
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    I use a Palm Zire 71 for Audible, waiting for a GSM Treo 600. Loading books via Synch takes hours. Audible tech support told me that they can't speed it up, so they added "card reader" support as a workaround. Plug a card adapter into your PC's USB, put your SD card in the adapter, and download books directly to the card reader. Very fast. You can also use Windows Explorer to move the files from the card to the PC for archiving.
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    Ah ha!! Finally got it working! I downloaded the Audible Manager to my PC, then installed the .prc to the 600, but I was unable to transfer any files to the 600 main memory or to the SD card in the 600 using Audible Manager.

    I finally went out and bought a Dazzle SD card read/writer ($15), plugged it in, and presto! The Audible Manager wrote right to it. For some reason it seems like I have to use Windows Explorer to look at the files on the PC before I can put the card into the 600 and have them recognized there.

    Anyway, I got 4 NPR radio shows installed quick as pie. This is undoubtedly one of THE BEST uses for the 600.
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    FYI, I got a message today from Audible that they would support the Treo 600 "Audible Ready" within about two weeks.
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