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    I have gone thru this many times, from Kyo6035 to Samsungi300 to Treo300, but I will ask again, what is the best way to move data from the Treo300 to the 600?

    Is it better to resync the data and reinstall the apps, or just load everthing from the last T300 hotsync to the T600?

    I am also curious about apps, especially PDAApps, Verichat and Alert Manager. I paid for them for both my Samsung i300 and Treo300 and I hope that I dont have to pay for these apps again on my Treo600.

    Anyone have any idea?
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    I got an email from PDAapps saying a new version of Verichat will be released in a few days for the Treo 600.

    TreoPictureCallerID will not work and will probably not be updated for Treo 600

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