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    Got confirmation from Orange that the T600 will go on sale in Switzerland on the 15th October.
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    Sorry for not mentioning it in my previous post. Source was family.

    This means that come the 15th I could be looking around for a new relative...
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    Even better news (for Swissies). GSM 600 is here

    Orange Shop Lausanne have the 600 now.
    Orange Shop Geneva tomorrow (9th).

    Media-Mart 13th Oct
    Interdiscount 13th Oct

    (I no longer need to find a new relative)
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    Yet another negative rumor proves incorrect.

    Great! Enjoy your 600 soon!
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    Originally posted by silverado

    Great! Enjoy your 600 soon!
    Thanks Siverado but later it will be. I'll be holding off on my purchase to see how things pan out.
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    the prices in the orange shop are:

    sfr. 579.-- for 12 month advanced-plan
    sfr. 629.-- for 12 month personal-plan
    sfr. 679.-- for 12 month economy-plan

    sfr. 499.-- for 24 month advanced-plan
    sfr. 549.-- for 24 month personal-plan
    sfr. 599.-- for 24 month economy-plan

    without orange plan sfr. 999.--

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    I just got an Treo 600 from the Orange Shop in Zurich. Price was CHF 629.- with
    one year "Personal" Plan.


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    Can someone please put up some pictures and impressions of the GSM version ???


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