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    Couldn't sleep so I read many, many threads comparing email programs, including Dan's guide (up-to-date?). Asking folks to check my findings:

    Best program for email attachment support is Corsoft Aileron. It ...

    ... permits user to download, read/edit, and resend MS Word & Excel docs (using QuickOffice Premier)
    ... permits user to create word processing/spreadsheet docs on Treo (again, using QOP) and send them as attachments that are converted to Word or Excel doc for email recipient
    ... permits downloading PDF doc (converting it to Palm Acrobat Reader format) -- can also attach PDF file to outgoing email
    ... downloads MS Word/Excel attachments converted to QuickOffice versions in less time than downloading them in native format using another program, like SnapperMail (is this true -- what about Aileron conversion time?)

    Other considerations: Aileron ...

    ... checks multiple accounts
    ... can check for mail at designated intervals & send SMS notification
    ... can delete selected messages from server
    ... is expensive at $49.95/yr. for no-sync version (or $79.95/yr. to check email on desktop PC via remote communication/Outlook add-in)

    Don't want to shell out this much if another program can do these things.

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    snappermail can do the handing off documents to DTG and quickoffice too.

    It can't do pdf handoffs because there are no native pdf apps available.

    Snapper doesn't combine SMS into your inbox.
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    Thanks Felipe. Yeah, SnapperMail does some of what Aileron can do re: attachments -- and it's $15 less expensive. However ...

    (1) If you need to edit an attachment you receive and then resend it -- or create a doc to to attach and have it received as a MS word or Excel doc, Aileron is the only option -- I think.

    (2) I didn't see any other email program that would convert a desktop PDF doc to Palm Adobe Acrobat Reader version. I do get PDF attachments I'd like to be able to view on the go.

    I've read such good things about SnapperMail. Just need to decide how much attachment support I'll really use. Perhaps I could live without #1, but #2 is fairly important to me.

    Is there another option -- like SnapperMail and ___ ?

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    I use inbox to go and it works fine. I can receive attachments, create and edit docs, and send docs, using Doc to go.
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    Originally posted by chillg8r
    I use inbox to go and it works fine. I can receive attachments, create and edit docs, and send docs, using Doc to go.
    Can't view Powerpoint or PDF attachments w/o first syncing, as you can with Aileron. However, ITG does sync with Outlook inbox -- something Aileron does only if you pay an additional $30/yr. That's a tradeoff I might be willing to make. Didn't see that ITG fetches mail at designated intervals. Does it?

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    Having advanced Aileron as the best email app for attachments, I've about deciced to go with SnapperMail -- as per Felipe's recommendation -- based on the following logic:

    I can sacrifice Aileron's ability to read incoming PDF attachments in view of the following ...

    (1) SM supports 5-way navigation while Aileron doesn't, I think -- a biggie if you want to go stylus-free with the 600
    (2) With SM, contacts can be added from email messages and embedded phone numbers can be dialed -- not so with Aileron
    (3) SM, as a software purchase, is $15 less than Aileron, which is an annual subscription

    Inbox-to-Go is also $15 more expensive than SM and not sure it can do #2 above. Additionally, I already have QuickOffice Premier, but thanks chillg8r.

    Hope this is of use to someone at some point.


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