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    does anyone know if you can download ringers from websites such as midiringtones or 3gupload to the treo 600 an dif so where does it store the ringers? thanks
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    i'm sorta hoping it works the same as the 300, so i can keep selling mine... at least it would help offset the cost of the phone! i will be watching this thread to see what the answer it.
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    how does it work with the treo 300? i have an i-500 and as far as I know you cannot download ringers like you can with a regular phone like the sanyo 5300..
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    Originally posted by jimbrou
    how does it work with the treo 300? i have an i-500 and as far as I know you cannot download ringers like you can with a regular phone like the sanyo 5300..
    With the Treo 300, you have to install a separate program such as TC Ringer. After the program is installed, you can synchronize ring tone packages that you can buy from the web. aarons12 has some pretty good ones to offer.

    The SPH-i500 (and i330) are still not able to get ring tones for some reason. I'm sure someone will figure out how soon though.
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    thanks for the info
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    The problem with the Samsung phones is Samsung. They will not release a software developers kit (SDK) for their PDA phones. It has been that way since the I-300. Thus the techies are not able to write a cool program like TC Ringers.

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    My understanding is that you can do ringers OTA, no seperate program needed.
    But I will let you know later today

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    you can download the ringtones and use the built-in ringtone manager, you can wirelessly download midi files from say and those automatically become ringtones as the treo 600's ringtones are just midi files.
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    I have spent hours trying to install new ringers to my treo 600, using different programs, downloading ringers midi files, converting etc, still nothing. Dont see the ring tones in my tel?
    Anybody knows step by step how to do it?
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    Try this,
    click on the riggers button,
    find a ringtone youd like to test, then click it
    a window should open asking you if you want to download, click yes, when done another window will open, click on open, you will get a confirm name box, either click ok, or type a new name and then click ok.
    The manage sounds window will open and you will see all the ringtone available to your treo, find the one you download and test it by clicking play, if it works, goto your prefs app, then to sounds, at top click on tones, and you can assign, phone sounds as well as alarms etc, pick the one you want and you should have it.
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