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    Just called Sprint PCS. Took only 15 min to get through but they denied me any kind of rebate or credit on the phone. As much as I want one of these, $599 is a bit steep. I know the drill, early adoptors, yada yada yada, but I have a hard time paying full price when I see others in the same situation paying less.

    Being a Sprint customer for nearly 7 years, this really pisses me off. When number portability becomes available I hope Sprint burns.
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    Called Sprint back, spoke with a different rep and he offered me either a $100 MIR for a 1 year service agreement or a $150 MIR for a 2 year. Its amazing the amount of discrepancies in the info you receive from the different ppl working there. Anyway, my phone is ordered, the guy told me it is on backorder and should take about 5 days to ship. Hopefully he is wrong and Ill get it this week! :-)
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    I just ordered over the phone with Sprint PCS. I'm an existing customer who's not currently under contract. The first person to whom I spoke said that she couldn't offer me any kind of credit, even with a new 2-year contract, but I asked to be transferred to someone who might be able to help me. I ended up committing to a 2-year contract and getting a $100 credit (couldn't get them up to $150, even though it seems like others have) and 5% off of future bills. My new plan (300 minute plan plus a Vision Pack) will have nights/weekends starting at 8 PM instead of 9 PM. Good enough, I suppose. The total I was charged for the phone was $524.99, including tax.

    I had no problem placing the order. All of the people to whom I spoke (3 total) were familiar with the Treo 600 and said that it was available.

    I was really trying to hold out and order through TreoCentral, but they've missed the last three projected target times as to when the store was supposed to be up and running, and I was afraid to wait any longer, for fear of supply running short and the phone being backordered. I need it NOW!
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    I ordered from my Treo 600 from Sprint this morning. The CSR was very courteous and everything went smoothly once I mentioned the 'Soft Launch' (Thanks TreoCentral!). I am a new customer and got it for $449 ($599 - $150) with a two year contract. Shipping is free and I am supposed to receive it in 2-3 business days. Yes!!!!
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