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    I have never used sprint in the Boulder vicinity, is there service legit?
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    i have used it in vail and denver, i thought it was a bit slower than NH and dallas, but most definately better than alberquerque
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    I use T Mobile in Boulder area. Signal is not that good but I like GSM for travel international. Out of contract...should I consider sprint? Naa...T-Mobile is cheap and I mostly use data.
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    Sprint is cheaper when it comes to data than T-Mobile isn't it? I thought T-Mobile charged $20 and Sprint charged $15?
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    when you say "slower" do you mean data transfer rates or the actual voice service?
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    Of all the areas I've used Sprint PCS the Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs area has been the best. There used to be some real problems in the DTC or Highlands Ranch but they've solved these issues. I've used Sprint mostly in Aurora, DTC, Highlands Ranch, and Denver East of I-25/Sante Fe and South of I-70. When I was climbing regularly I used it fairly frequently on the I-25 corridor north of I-70 up to about 120th with no problems and along the Boulder turnpike all the way up to Eldorado Canyon and the Flatirons with service pretty much everywhere and nothing in the way of dropped calls or lack of service. I have had some issues with losing sprint service in buildings in the DTC area in the elevators or in the stairways but it wasn't consistant or predictable.

    Golden is covered pretty well. Fort Collins is also well covered and if you drive up US 287 towards Wyoming you have to get pretty far up the road before SPCS service becomes unusable.

    Driving up into the mountains can lead to some problems if you go to out of the way areas but along all the major routes its pretty good.

    Wyoming has crappy SPCS coverage. If you plan on driving up into Wyoming constantly SPCS might not be the best option.

    There is only one deadspot I know of and thats on Dad Clark Road between University and Broadway.

    I've had many more problems in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but its still pretty good there.

    The Portland, OR area Sprint service blows chunks.
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    For T..Mobile I pay 20 bucks for 75 min and another 20 for data and 350 SMS. I stay with the 10 meg plan rather than unlimited because of the SMS. I never exceed 10 meg per month with the 270. Free international roaming except for usage but no monthly charge. That's my $40 plan. Yours ?
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    data transfer.
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    for 80 i get unlimited web, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited sms, 500 anytime minutes, unlimited roaming, breakdown of the 80-->65 for the plan itself and 15 for unlimited wirefree web.
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    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.

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