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    Want Tre0 600 ASAP....Want $150.00 discount for renewing contract what do I need to say to telesales to get this without the hassles? Also how did you get them to bill it to your next invoice? Thanks!!
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    Just ask, mention this site, etc. Be courteous. Good luck!
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    I dont think telesales can give it....I had to deal with a regular CSR for the credits.
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    Tell them it's a single-band Vision phone for $599, to keep looking if they don't find it right away, manufacturer Handspring but they don't have a Handspring page, so look for some initials that stand for Handspring. It'll be listed next to a $399 phone (the Treo 300).

    Discount - I already had a two-year contract so I wouldn't know. I got no discount.

    Billing - I think they'll tell you if you qualify. It has to do with credit rating. You can pay for it with a credit/debit card as well.

    Good luck.
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    they rarely bill phones to individual accounts.... they billed mine to my account but i think it's because i have a business account.

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