after being patched through to seven departments...mainly customer solutions and general telesales, someone told me that therecomputer turned off everytime they put in "treo 600" what a bad lie, then i hung up and tired again after dinner...i got patched between general telesales, customer solutions, and some other depatments, 5 times a piece, after finally getting to someone who was extremely rude i put in an order, right before i was going to ask a question she hung up..."and I had a question-" "click-errrrrrrrrrr" lol wow. So I will email sprint with questions tomorrow and highly suggest those looking for a new carrier to look elsewhere...i dont care if the data connection speed is twice as fast as AT&T, either you know your phone from turning it on to the schematics or you're screwed. hats of to those who know their stuff and never had to contact sprint CS.