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    Went from VzW to T270 on T-M. Wasn't happy with T-M's reception or data speed. Went back to VzW w/ K-7135 -- good reception and data speed but no keyboard.

    Don't want to wait 8+ mo. -- if ever -- for VzW to offer T600. I want one now!

    How's Sprint in DC area?

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    I work in Alexandria and pass through Union Station 2-4 times per week. I have to say that the service is very good in the D.C. metro area.

    However I can't say the same for MD. Riding the Amtrak train up to NYC, the coverage in and around Baltimore is spotty at best.

    One final note. If you enjoy using your Verizon phone underground in Metro Train subway stations, be prepared to give that up.
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    Do you have roaming with Sprint? That would put you on VZW for voice.
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    Yeah dspinelli, it is nice to be able to use my K7135 underground. And Sprint plan will be $15 more expensive than my VzW plan.

    Still, I might ... The Treo's phone functioinality is much better than the 7135's and I want to get back to having a thumb board. The #1 feature for me though is 5-way nav -- no more stylus with enabled apps!

    For me, the deal-breaker is reception. As folks have said on other threads, any phone is worthless if you don't get a good signal in the places you use it most.

    Barjohn, roaming on VzW for voice is okay but no email fetching when roaming on that network. I want good coverage from Sprint.

    Techno-lust ... I've got it bad.
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    Every time I go to DC I have a great connection with Sprint. The signal there is much stronger than it is here in the Bay Area.

    By contrast, I was in DC in April with my AT&T TDMA phone...the service sucked.
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    Barjohn: Yes, I have Digital Roaming checked off in my Call Prefs but that doesn't seem to help.

    (But how about them Red Sox?!?)
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    I live on the MD side around DC, had sprint for the past 4 years, pretty much flawless service. It can be spotty in the more "rural" areas, but the majority of the time I'm in suburbs and on highways, and Sprint has that covered great. If you are within DC or Baltimore, the service is excellent.

    All in all, I've had a great experience with Sprint. They are really nice in metro areas.
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    I have found Sprint's service in DC to be very good. This has not always been the case, when I first moved here (three years ago), service was spotty at best.

    I have had all the major providers in this area (Cingular, Nextel, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile) and I have found that AT&T (TDMA) and Sprint ot be all around the best. I am very impressed with T-Mobile, but if connectivity in the metro is a requirement, T-Mobile is not an option for you.

    If you go with Sprint with the Free and Clear America option (free roaming up to 50% of your minute usage) I think you would have the benefits you described, with the cool Treo 600

    I have ordered both the GSM and CDMA versions of the Treo 600 to do a comparison.


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