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    Should I dump T-Mobile and move to Sprint?
    Any personal experience here?

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    I've been with them for years and I think the service is great. I've never had a problem at all.

    Of course it sounds like their telesales people don't have a clue.
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    No problems with coverage here either and I travel throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno and LA.


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    Lee Ladisky
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    Very satisfied with coverage and callquality in the North Bay.
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    i live & work in downtown san francisco. coverage has been great for me here. i haven't had any reason to call customer service, so i have no opinion about that.
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    For the most part coverage is good... I have found some spots that are lousy. Crown Memorial park in Alameda is not really good. Some parts of pleasant hill are not good. I need to go outside or stand by a window at work to make a call (old building)

    Overall I am pretty happy though.

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