Ok heres my deal...been following this since july and have grown ever more obsessed for some reason. i had been given the runaround from sprint like everyone else for days and weeks. Every csr i talked to had a diff story...even all day today. I saw the posts from people who had ordered it and still could not convince a spcs csr that it was out...until 730 pm tonight and they found it in the system in 2 seconds..$634 and its shipped ups to my house by wed...cant wait. heres the deal i worked out...$50 service credit from a few weeks ago + $100 service credit last night after mentioning that this was a $600 phone and i'm a longtime customer with a 2 yr contract so i'm not going anywhere though with the number port. act I might....then called today and mentioned about the %5 discount which they then gave me,,,and i sold my palm zire on craigslist for $200 yesterday so this will cost me about $250-300...cant wait!