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    I happened to be in a Best Buy yesterday and the Sprint rep asked me if I needed any help...

    Me, Do you know when/if you'll be getting the Treo 600.

    rep, We don't carry the Treo anymore.

    Me, You don't carry the Treo? Best Buy or Sprint?

    rep, Sprint...

    Me, No way!

    rep, Yep, Sprint isn't carrying the Treo anymore.

    Me, The last I heard the Treo 600 was due out in the next few weeks.

    rep, There ya go! (Said in a smart a$$ tone)

    Me, ??? What the Hell ???

    Me, Gave jerk disgusted look and walked away...

    Now I remember why I hate talking to sales people at those stores! Shesh!
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    He probably misunderstood something about distribution.

    I have heard that Best Buy doesn't carry Treos anymore. Also, smaller Sprint stores may or may not stock them in the future.

    So he may have heard "we don't stock Treos anymore" and misunderstood who "we" is (Best Buy kiosks or some Sprint merchandise group rather than Sprint as a whole).

    He doesn't sound like a jerk, he sounds like a $9/hour employee who just took what he was told at face value rather than digging ... don't worry about it, Sprint is continuing to carry Treos ... pick up the phone and order one if you want.
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    It was just funny how after I told him that it was supposed to be out, he changed his tone about the phone. His There ya go... Was in a smart *** tone... I was interupting a conversation between him and another Employee.

    Exactly what I expected from a $9 an hour employee...

    I want one, and will buy is as soon as I can hold it in a sprint store tothey fixed the issues I have with the 300.

    I can't wait!!!

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