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    Has anyone who is a current Sprint subscriber called in, ordered a Treo 600, and received a discount (replacing a phone, not adding new line of service)?

    If so, how did you go about it, what did you say, they say, etc?

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    Not me. I actively tried, was shot down. I am planning to see if Handspring will give me a rebate, but I'm not very optimistic.

    I have a contract through July 2005, so I doubt they felt much need to incent me in that way.
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    From what I gather, it depends on what your current contract situation is.

    My situation: contract will be expiring I asked for some consideration to keep me as a customer....Once I activate new equipment (replacing existing phone) they are giving $50 credit, plus an amout equal to 50% of an average months bill (in my case, roughly $50.) Plus 5% off of my bill from now on. I just had to comit to a 1 year agreement. So a little more than $100 off the bat, plus 5% on future bills for eternity. I am happy with that.

    This needs to be requested through the regular CSR reps, not the telesales people. Good luck My phone was ordered today as well, they say 2-3 days for arrival.
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    I theoretically got $150 off by signing a new contract for 2 years. The CSR wasn't sure if it would be instant or the mail in kind. See my other post....
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    same here, my contract was set to end 10/22. I got $100 off phone and the 5% deal for a new contract. And maybe we may get something from HS, but if not I'm still happy. As far as shipping I was told all orders today were pre-sale and unit would not ship until later this week, but should receive by 14th or 15th.
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    customer service rep via telesales said yes '$100 off for 1yr, $150 off for 2yr contract', but then... then ordering rep said 'no'. When i referenced this site, she quickly rebutted that she had this same discussion with people from this board, and that 'their is NO discounts on the NEW TREO 600s'.

    I asked her to check with her supervisor, she put me on hold for 3 min (probably just twiddled her thumbs a few times) came back on the line and said "i'm very sorry sir (she called me sir) there are no discounts on the Treo 600".

    Only able to do ground shipping.
    Total of approx $615.00 on the VISA. WOW, WOW, WOW.
    Hope its worth it.
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    I paid no shipping charge at all.

    I asked about that and was told that the shipping was included in the $599 price.

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    Shipping charge was $4.95 based on what they told me this morning.

    I've just spent THE LAST HOUR bouncing back between the CSR and eRep to get a rebate. No dice: the $100.00 or $150.00 instant rebate only apply if you add a line of service. End of story.

    Now, the CSR did give me $101.00 credit for replacing my phone with a Vision phone (I currently have a fast aging Samsung I-300). She also gave me a new plan with the same price but minutes up from 800 to 1100, and gave me PCS to PCS for free for renewing my contract for 2 years. I also got other goodies but they're not as much worth mentioning.

    The rest of the story: I've been with Sprint since 1999, added my wife as a second line in 2001 and have monthly bill around $150.00 for the last 4 years (with the exceptional $100.00 or $300.00 from time to time...)

    So, all in all, my Treo is going to end up in the original ballpark of $499.00 and I get other goodies; so I'm happy I'll be even happier when I receive it, of course

    Last note: while she was doing all that, some stuff about Pocket PC vision pricing showed up on her screen It took me 10 minutes to explain to her that it was a Palm and steer her away from doubling my unlimited vision FYI...
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    Just called Sprint. CSR could only offer $50 off of the $599 w/2yr contract. WTF!!!!! What happened to the $499 that was touted as the going price for the 600!
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    they must know there are enough dorks (i'm sorry early adopters) like us, that will pay WHATEVER THEY ASK, and apparently we will... I DID.
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    I'm planning to switch to T-mobile anyway, so I haven't tried it with the 600, but this is what I did when I wanted to get a discount on my 300: Add a second (or third, fourth, etc.) line to your existing plan. This counts as an extra line of service and you can get the discount on the new phone. I believe the exta line of service is only $10-$20/month. The only catch is that the new phone has to have a new number, not your existing number. After a month, you can cancel the new line of service without incurring any penalties, then you can transfer your existing phone number over to your new phone. In the end, you pay an extra $10-$20 (for the one month of an extra line), but you'll get the $100-$150 discount too, so you still come out way ahead.

    Again, I haven't tried it for the 600, but it worked pretty well for me 6 months ago.
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    I just placed an order with the CSR - it was kinda strange. She said she had to take a paper order (write all the info on paper and then hand it over to someone else for processing).

    I asked her about discounts for existing customers and she said the rebates are $100 for 1 year contract extension and $150 for a 2 year extension.

    I signed up for 1 year and she said the rebate would be a mail-in rebate. I also got the 5% discount on my future bills as well as changed my nights to start at 8pm instead of 9pm.

    It sucks that everyone is getting different stories when trying to order from Sprint...

    Anyway, I was told the phone will arrive in 2-3 business days.

    I've got my fingers crossed!
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    I got the discount when I told the rep that I was getting a new account and was also keeping my other phone (that my wife uses). I suppose I could just cancel the original account if she wasn't happy with it.
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    I was told that I would recieve a $100/$150 mail-in rebate w/ a 1/2 year commitment. It was going to be sent w/ the phone. We'll see if it actually works.
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    I received a notice that if I changed my business long distance carrier to Sprint that I would get a hundred dollar coupon to use at the Sprint PCS store.

    This would be in addition to the discount I am expecting from extending my contract on my three business phones for a year to two each.

    But my bill for business use on three phone is very high.

    I am hoping to pay out $350.00 to $400 after all the rebates and coupons.
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    all these various and differing stories about discount here/no discount there - rebate here/no rebate there - add a line/no add a line - they all have me vveerryyy leery of calling ANYone in Customer Svc to request anything. You just never know what you're going to get, and THAT concerns me. It's the inconsistency that is making me just plan to go into my closest store on a daily basis, and harangue them mercilessly until they give in to my will (call me Dr. Doom).
    I can't believe so many others here are putting their faith in what appears to be a completely unplanned rollout, and believing their phones (some with shipping charges/some without - SEE?!?) will appear at their doorsteps in a few days. I have no faith in that process - I need to have the box in my hands before I believe it. Of course, you guys may all have the last laugh if your faith is rewarded.
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    I called 888-703-9514 and was quoted $599 list, but with $150 discount for new activation, shipping charge waived, replacement insurance $4/mo ($35 deductible, not bad on a $600 phone).

    $36 activation fee, however.

    Free & Clear America Plan (no roaming fees) is now only $5 more per month (was $10 more).

    Ship in 3-5 days.
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    I got one ordered today and also got $100 off (making it $500) for replacing my current phone with the Treo 600. When I called and ordered, they told me there were no promotions on the Treo 600 for existing customers, so I had to pay $600. I called back (*2) about 5 hours later and explained that I didn't understand why I couldn't get some money off the phone if I was willing to extend my contract for 1 1/2 years (I still have 6 months on my current contract). The guy I spoke to said "no problem" without even thinking twice and gave me a $100 credit on my account.

    I hate to say it, but I think the lesson to be learned is that Sprint probably doesn't have any "concrete" rules in place about what does and doesn't qualify for discounts. I have a feeling it depends on who you speak to and your interaction with that person. That seems like a really weird way to do business (and not completely fair at all), but that's how it appears to me.

    As for actually receiving the phone, I called back again tonight to get a UPS tracking number. They gave me the number, but I checked the UPS web site, and it's not listed yet. I guess I'll find out in the morning.
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    no discounts here...but i don't care...all i want is a 300 with a better form factor, dont care about costs...
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    Sprint was shipping my 2nd replacement for 2 store verified defective Treo 300s, and I called on Saturday and basically said," Look, I need a better phone than this.. ( I have had a treo for only 3 months) .. I am willing to pay the difference in what I paid (which was essentially $399)" She talked to her manager and said ok, but couldn't order one. I asked her to note the account and she obliged. I called back today and they at first said they didn't have them, but then today's rep checked again with her manager and after a few minutes on hold said that it was ordered and that I'd get it in 3-5 days. Also they said that they would have a return kit sent. So hopefully if all goes well, I will be in for less then $200.... We'll see though how the crediting holds up. (No one asked for a credit card though)
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