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    Originally posted by Chu Zoo
    I called 888-703-9514 and was quoted $599 list, but with $150 discount for new activation, shipping charge waived, replacement insurance $4/mo ($35 deductible, not bad on a $600 phone).

    $36 activation fee, however.

    Free & Clear America Plan (no roaming fees) is now only $5 more per month (was $10 more).

    Ship in 3-5 days.
    why would you get FC&A? isn't the 600 a single band phone?
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    I've been lurking for a while and learning a lot from this forum. Now that I've decided to get a 600 I thought I'd register and try to contribute.

    Put this in the FWIW column:

    I went to my local Sprint store this afternoon and told the CSR that I wanted to renew my contract (which was expired), upgrade my service, and replace my phone. That got their attention! When I mentioned the 600 he said he did not expect them until next week, but he suggested I wait until the 15th anyway because Sprint will be changing their policy toward existing customers. He said that starting next Wednesday, if you have had your phone for more than 18 months you will be offered the same incentives as a new customer. He did say that for the 600 the discount would be $150 for a two-year contract.

    Can anyone confirm this change in policy?


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    ...but if my mind serves me right (doubtful), didn't the Treo 300 come out last 12-13 months ago? If so, I wouldn't have the 18 months of having the phone to qualify...

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    The America plan is for free digital roaming, not analog roaming, as you are right the T600 has no analog capability. I am in a rural part of NC and often encounter "digital roaming" message. Digital roaming costs $.50/minute (plus $.25/minute, if long distance), so it wouldn't take long for that to exceed $5/mo. Only caveat is that no more than 50% of your minutes can be on roaming.

    I assume digital roaming is mostly on Verizon's system, so nationwide coverage is much wider.
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    I'm waiting for number portability before inquiring about a discount for current customers.

    The market is tight already and the reason a lot of people don't switch is a new # so I'm hoping they'll be ready to deal after Nov 24th hits.

    My fingers are crossed.
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    I called 1-888-253-1613, spoke to a nice and seemingly knowledgeable lady (whose name I didn't get). She said extending my current Sprint contract 1 year would get me a $100 rebate; 2 years would be $150. However, she said I had to purchase the phone at the retail price of $599 and when I receive it, I call customer service and set up my contract and rebate at that time. I asked her how could I be sure that the CS rep I speak to at activation time would honor that rebate; she said all CS reps are aware of it.
    Well, I Know that's not true, but I purchased the phone anyway. We'll see in 3-5 business days!!!!!!
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