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    I too, after 3 trys, ordered my 600 from Sprint telesales.
    I just ordered accessories from Mobile Planet ($309.70!).
    The only thing I can't find is a car installation kit. I see it on the Belgium site, but you can not order to the USA from there.
    Anyone see a car kit somewhere else for USA delivery?
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    what number did you have for Sprint?
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    I used the number on their web site - which says "Want to Order?".
    Good luck!!!
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    On HS's email today on the 600, they listed several nifty accessories, including a car kit.

    I do not think they are available, yet.
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    When I talked to the guys at Superior Communications,which are the subcontractors for for the Treo 600 accessories, they said there is a bug in the car kit and it won't be released to the public until it is worked out.


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