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    As many Treo users know, Switcheroo has made life much easier for 180,270 & 300 owners. Will this excellent 3rd party program work on OS5, or is it even necessary? Has Handspring fixed some of the annoying keystrokes necessary to go from screen to screen?

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    Not to sound stupid, (this is my first Treo) what is it and where do you get it?
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    Switcheroo is available from, and allows you to access any program on the Treo by pressing the option & space bar simultaneously & then pressing one other key to go to any application. It's made living with the Treo very user-friendly.

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    i use switcheroo and love it, but i think it may be obsolete with the 600 and the ability to assign apps to single key strokes.
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    McPhling will do this!! And its OS 5 compatible too!!
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