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    Spoke with Handspring "customer service" this morning and was told " we have no time frame" yet when I asked about release date. I can't believe what a botched up mess. You would think with the obvious excitement about the 600 that marketing and sales would be able to come up a better program. Why not release a date and stick to it, even if its next month. I won't even get into the pricing for the loyal customers who have been hanging by there finger tips for the last few months.
    "If it's new, I've got to have it."
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    To their "credit", Handspring has never wavered from "late this fall" on their web site pages about the TREO 600.
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    Also, I think this is all part of their plan. That email I got this morning regarding accessories only drove my frenzy higher. This after waking from a dream last night that I bought a 600 from Home Depot!
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    > ...from Home Depot!

    That should have been a strong clue - Home Depot is ALWAYS out of the item you want to get there!
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    At least they got one thing right, "Fall of '03". Just wish someone had a backbone and could make the real call.

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