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    I just won an eBay auction for a Treo 180. Until I broke the antenna I was a Visor Phone user. The auction information said it only needs a SIM card, which I already have, so I hope I don't have the "locked unit" problem.

    Is there anything I should know before I do the first hotsync with the Treo (I expect to get it on Thursday)? Some of my old software doesn't even work now that I use OS X. Should I delete it from my Mac so it doesn't install on the Treo?

    Is thre anything similar to AvantGo that works with OS X? I like to be able to download news to read later. How about MakeDoc--any freeware or shareware that works with OS X?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    As to the software you'll be installing on the Treo, I don't know, just try it out and see how it goes.

    For web pages, I'd suggest using Plucker ( It's free software, it supports the jog dial and the keyboard on the Treo, and it comes with a Mac OS X native "web site plucker" application. Can't go wrong with it.
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    Thanks, Calroth. I'll take a look at Plucker.
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    I got my Treo on Wednesday, only three days after winning the ebay auction, and I've hardly put it down since.

    I had to remove a lot of old stuff that got transferred--Avant Go for instance--and then I had that Installer 3.2.3 problem. Checked the boards and figured out how to fix it, and now everything is working great.

    Installed Eudora and Eudora Web. Eudora Web works for me much better than Blazer. I hardly ever use all my T-Mobile minutes, so occasional wireless surfing doesn't cost me anything additional.

    This bbs is great.

    Thanks to everyone who posts.

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