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    Mine's on its way. Spoke with Tamika at Telesales (called the 888 number on the website) and at first she said it was not available, but offered the Treo 300... I said... are you sure the 600 isn't on soft launch today so she puts me on hold for like five minutes, and came back and said, ok we can sell that even though it's not listed on the website. I guess the mention of "Soft launch" is what got my foot in the door?

    599.99 + tax + shipping = $652.43.
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    Sprint retail price = $599, less:

    $150 for 2-year contract, less
    $50 mail-in rebate from Handspring
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    That is $399. No change.
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    Just got off the phone w/ Marco at Sprint Telesales. After a 30 second "let me check the system", he says they are in stock and will be shipping immediately - but could not guarantee overnight shipment as they are still in a slight state of confusion up there. But he confirmed that they are in stock and said that I should expect to see it tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. FYI, I did order it through the business side (i.e. had to give them the company FEIN rather than personal SSN).

    Additional details:
    - price: $599.99 before discounts
    - new service discounts = $100 for 2 year contract & $150 for 3 year contract
    - the new Vision pack plans are $15/month

    I asked for an e-mail confirmation on the order, but he said that he had to give the order to his supervisor to be entered into the system. He took the e-mail address anyway & said he would ask his supervisor to send a confirmation.

    Get 'em while they're hot!
    will work for 600
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    Ordered mine from Diane in Telesales (800.480.4727). She indicated that I will have it in 3 days "maybe less".

    No discount since I am existing Sprint customer - who has recently re-upped.
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    Were you already a Sprint customer?
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    Just ordered mine, too. $651.82 with shipping, taxes and no discount...

    Couple of things: Jessica at Telesales 1800 480 4727 could NOT find it but gave me another number 1 888 253 1315 where Rich (also from Telesales ) took my order without a problem.

    Didn't offer overnight, and said default shipping is 3-5 days (not business days.) From what I've heard, the warehouse is next door to the main UPS shipping center in Lousiville and more often than not, they end up overnight after quoting 3-5 days. REMEMBER THIS IS HEARSAY THOUGH !

    BTW, the sales guy could not give me an order or tracking number (as the order is marked in process on his screen) but said that if I called back later, they could give me my order number using my SPCS phone number.

    I really hope to post tomorrow and say I have it in my sweaty little hands
    Since people have problems with my Einstein quotes, I will now quote my true hero: Homer Simpson.

    "Doh !'
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    Just ordered mine too

    Got $150 off for new customer, she said "3-5 days"
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    Originally posted by rchang713
    You definitely did get ripped off. I just called my local Sprint PCS store this morning to ask about the Treo 600. I inquired about handset upgrade discounts. The rep offered me two discounts:

    1. $56 off a new phone, because I have been a customers for 9+ months. (handset upgrade discount). This doesn't require a new contract either or for me to turn in my old phone.

    2. $100 credit on my bill (to help pay for cost of new phone) if I signed a new contract for 2 years. (RSO, Retention of Service Offer is what he called it)
    I think this is an important point to keep in mind. Sprint is in a cut throat competitive situation. They will do just about anything to retain customers, as it is always cheaper to retain an existing customer versus trying to find a new one. So I'd expect that current Sprint-PCS customers will get better deals than new customers. Having said this, it will be important for us Sprint-PCS customers to be willing to negotiate, especially if you're a heavy cell phone user.

    $156 off a $600 device is a sweet deal, IMHO. That's over 25% off.
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    Got mine after 6 tries, through *2. Got my order #, I was asked to call back for trk #. Also got $100 discount for extending contract 2 yrs. Been with sprint since 98.
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    As is rchang, I think I will go to the PCS store and get the handset upgrade back..and hopefully more for extending my agreement. $599 w/o taking advantage of this credit from the store is not worth it.

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    So i called that number you guys listed. Was told the phones are not in and shipping and the only thing Sprint is doing is taking pre-orders on business accounts that will ship in 2-3 WEEKS!!!!

    Trying another number now..............
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    Just posted on Yahoo - 6 to 8 week ... ahem ... backorder:


    [link corrected by edit - I hope!]
    As I predicted, SeldomVisitedbyReason is already tossing around definitions of "available" that strain credibility in a deperate attempt rain on Handspring's parade (

    In case you didn't notice SV, several members of this board have tracking numbers in hand and T600's on the way. Next you will say its not "available" until you can walk out of your door, raise your hand to the sky, and have a T600 appear! Keep the laughs coming....
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    I called telesales twice and both times was unable to get any discount off the $599 list price of the phone. They both suggested that I'd have to go to a retail store to get any customer retention or handset upgrade discounts.

    The good news is that they can be ordered. Unfortunately for me, I'm not willing to throw away $150 just to have a phone 1 week early...
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    .. an existing Sprint customer. That would be sweet if he was. I am going to try like hell to wait a few weeks hoping that some [other] rebate deals kick in.

    .. but then I wonder if the local Sprint Store has them in .. *dialing* I'd pay an arm and a leg if they have them in. Less if I have to order.

    I'm rambling. I feel like a kid who's been told there's candy at the store.
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    Originally posted by E Man
    Sprint retail price = $599, less:

    $150 for 2-year contract, less
    $50 mail-in rebate from Handspring
    where is the info/forms for the $50 mailin rebate from HS ?
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    Where is the $50 handspring rebate coming from?
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    I ordered mine at about 12:45 p.m. eastern. The person I spoke with didn't see the phone at first, and was on the verge of giving up, but I pressed her to keep checking. She found it as a "HSRG 600" on the last page of manufacturers, in the Vision section. There was also a HSRG 300 for $399, so we were able to quickly figure out that it was the right phone.

    It will arrive in 3-5 days, she said.

    I asked "you're sure they're in and ready to be shipped?" She said that all she can see is that they had 2,000 in stock in the warehouse, and she saw no reason they wouldn't ship immediately.

    By the way, I got no discounts. I'm hoping I can wrangle a Handspring discount somehow, although I'm not sure if Handspring will do that since I have already paid for my phone. They may not see a business reason to give me a discount, since they already have my money, unless maybe I threaten to return it ...
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    Called back to their business line. Got a phone ordered, gave me my new phone #, said it should arrive in 2-3 days via ground UPS! Signed this up as an added phone and got $150 off. Hope it is here by thursday!!!!!!!!! Good thing my second phone on my current plan isn't under contract so they just canceled it so this one will replace it!! Lucky me...
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    Originally posted by GreenTeeth
    [B From what I've heard, the warehouse is next door to the main UPS shipping center in Lousiville and more often than not, they end up overnight after quoting 3-5 days. REMEMBER THIS IS HEARSAY THOUGH ! [/B]
    It is not right next door. UPS Worldwide Logistics runs fullfillment for Sprint. The product is actually at a UPS facility AT the airport. We used to process transactions for some of UPS's logistics customers. I have been to the facility many times. Too bad we do not have that business now. I could have watched the trasactions come across the wire with your names on them!
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