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    From the Handspring site:

    Blazer 3.0 now works with JavaScript so you can view and use even more sites. And because it's proxy-less, you'll have better access to your mobile service provider's services, be able to connect directly to your corporate intranet and even download Palm OS applications and ring tones directly to your device. We've also added a variety of other new features and improvements—including the ability to surf sites that use frames—so not only can you do more, you can do it faster.
    Does this mean that it will natively support https:// sites? I'd like to access corporate email using Outlook Web Access.
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    I read somewhere that it does, including 128 bit encryption. BUT, it may still not work: some websites (banks, etc...) insist on only a select few numbers of browser working (usually, a recent IE, Netscape, maybe Opera) and when the Blazer ID string is received, it may not give you a go...

    Again, this is a somewhat informed guess, your mileage may vary
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    Is there or will there be a version of Opera for the PalmOS? I know they WON't do PPC, but what about us?
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    The blazer people should include the option to send a fake string like Mozilla does. You can tell Mozilla to tell web servers that it's IE.

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