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    I just looked at Sprint's plans and was shocked. Right now I get 2000 anytime minutes per month, unlimited PCS-to-PCS, unlimited Vision, and a shared second phone line for $85 per month. I got this plan about a year ago and I can't find another carrier with a plan this good. Now in order to get the same deal I would have to pay $115 per month (2000 minutes $100, Vision $15) and would only get the addition of unlimited night and weekends over what I have now. So why is doing this?

    When I do get the Treo 600 I plan to demand a $150 rebate with extension of my contract for two years, and I want to keep the same plan that I have now since a $30 premium is not going to happen.
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    the $100/month plan includes 2000 anytime minutes...

    if you read more you'll see that if you spend $100/month or more on a plan you get to add a phone for free, and you get to add a vision pack for free....

    I agree, the plans are getting worse...
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    Apparently, the current $50.00 plan with 300 minutes and vision will be costing T600 users $65.00.

    Sprint claims T600 will need the "Professional Vision" package added to the $50 plan. Similar to the Pocket PC plan.
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    why do we need the professional vision package? The Treo 300 didn' need it did it?
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    Originally posted by PalmMD
    why do we need the professional vision package? The Treo 300 didn' need it did it?
    They claim that you will need the $30 vision plan because of the T600's downloading capabilities. They say it's similar to the Microsoft Pocket PC's.

    Other's have gotten the $15 vision plan and I may have been give wrong information. Just hope the ones that did get this plan, don't have any problems later on..
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    I have the same plan as you, lnichols. We have two phones - a Treo 300 and a Samsung (non-Vision). I talked to a sprint rep at the store a few weeks ago and asked if there were any better plans available, and she advised me to stick with what I had because the current plans weren't as good.

    I don't even come close to using up my 2,000 anytime minutes, so for me to go to the $100 plan just for the addition of unlimited nights/weekends would be foolish. I don't even like the idea of having to pay $15 extra per month simply to replace my Samsung phone with a Treo 600.

    I dunno...I'm leaning towards getting a second Treo 300 at bargain-basement pricing that will surely develop in the coming weeks/months....I mean, I am assuming they would *not* charge me the $15 extra for an additional Treo 300 ... if so, then how would they justify that if I'm not paying an extra $15/mo for vision with my current Treo? This is all very confusing!

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