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    I was wondering if any of you have noticed that your Sprint plan has increased in price since you got the treo 300?

    My plan has gone from $29.99/month (just 300 minutes), with $10 vision... to $35/month and $15 vision.

    So on top of the $500 or whatever it will be for a new Treo 600, I also would have to sign up for a new plan and pay an extra $10/month?

    Is there any way around that? I cant keep my old plan and get a new phone?

    How about the 5% off offer? can i use that and get a new phone, or is it only off my current plan?

    I feel like this Treo 600 is getting too expensive.
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    Did your service prices increase during your contract, after it expired, or when you change minute plans? I know from VzW that they cannot up your pricing but if you leave that promotional plan for another one and the original one is gone you can't go back.
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    actually i am just referring to the fact that in order for me to upgrade to a treo 600 from a treo 300, i have to sign up for a 'new' plan... and they are all more expensive.

    anyone know of a way around this?
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    Two questions:

    1) How did you go from 29.99 to 35? They can't change your rates unless you changed your plan or did something at some point.

    2) WHY do you think you'd have to sign up for a new plan if you replace your 300 with a 600? Just have them activate the 600 in place of your 300 (meaning you are just switching phones, NOT PLANS).
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    You do NOT need to change plans. I have the same plan ($29.99) and have NO intntion of changing. I will buy my Treo 600 and simply change phones (deactivate one and activate the other).
    Please keep in mind that Sprint cannot force you to change plans. Even if your contract expires you can continue on the same plan month-to-month but they will just charge you an extra $10 per month because you are no longer an "advantage" customer.

    The reason to change plans would be to get a BETTER plan for your needs or to try to take advantage of the new activation discount. However be careful - - you may get your $100 discount on the phone but how much more will you be paying every month? Is getting that $100 WORTH paying more on an annual basis? Weigh the costs. For me it would not be worth it.

    I am waiting till next month. I'm betting they come out with some new Holiday plans that will make it worth the wait. They did this last year. Not only will we have the Holiday promotions but also number portability looming.
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    my plan hasn't changed yet... i am under the impression that if i try to upgrade my phone, i will need to sign a new plan.

    ie. i understand that they will try to bounce me up to $15 vision, right? my current plan is $10.
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    thank you for your help everyone.

    now i am more clear on it... they will only force me to select a new plan if i want a new activation discount.

    ok... i may add a new line... will that require a new plan?
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    You can try adding a new line and then cancelling it... but some other people have said they've received the discount just by extending their current contract for another year.

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