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    I was hoping someone with insight into the cell phone industry could explain why there are no concrete dates and availabilities for the treo 600 (or, as I read here, for many devices) at launch. What is the competitive advantage in confusing your early adopters, and so most ardent customers?

    This is my first time witnessing a cell phone launch at such close hand (thanks to treocentral - great site). I got my treo 300 when it was available, not right after it became "available".

    I am an early adopter in many areas though, as I am sure many of us here are - e.g. GPS devices, DLP-HDTV and so on. In all these cases one could either pre-order it online, or call the dealer and be put on a list - even if the date was moved, or somewhat innacurate, you could set it up, and then wait. Here one is supposed to monitor the website, or call numbers staffed by people who give everyone a slightly different answer.

    Why? Or better, why not give us the option of getting "in line" and waiting our turns?

    I have enjoyed reading many of the posts- particularly the reports "from the front" in terms of tests of the tro 600, and I am as eager as the next technophile to get upgraded.
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    They claim its to keep competition from knowing when they are releasing it, but duh, who really cares. Since three other carriers are going to release it too anyways. Its just a ploy to maintain customers, stock, and dump the T300's.
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    I don't think it's a ploy to do anything. I think that for whatever reason, Sprint is very iffy about phone release dates, and as an entity, changes its mind a lot. ("No, we need to tweak the software, how long will that take? Let's, uh, delay it three weeks." "Oh, the software was okay after all, nevermind.")

    No special insight, just based on how it seems from a customer's view.

    And they tell their CSRs either nothing (most likely), or whatever the whim of the day is, leading to conflicting info, where one person heard there's a three-week delay and another person heard there's no delay (and still another person heard some vague comment that makes him think the phone will never be released). And then, you probably have some CSRs and CSR managers who just make stuff up to end difficult conversations. "I'm getting a lot of calls about the XYZ phone but all the system says is 'coming soon.' What should I tell them?" "Tell them it'll come out at Christmas [shrug]."

    It's not a good system. I don't blame Sprint's CSRs. Every time I've dealt with them, they've seemed intelligent and diligent. But something about the company's internal communications seems screwy.

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