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    Just wondering if I should install this on the 600? I like it on my 300 but am wondering how it will work with the 600's 5 way navigator?
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    i used to use silverscreen...didnt find it as good without the backdrop, I currently use ZLauncher, and it is amazing, much better than silver screen, more tools and options, and although it has less skins, if not the same amount, the quality and the appearance of the skins are much better for ZLauncher. I paln on downloading the vista skin for silverscreen and using the backdrop on that for ZLauncher, and silverscreen doesn't support mem card does it? not too sure about that one, but i know zlauncher does, so it makes a nice convergence between launcher and browser/mem access. I'm not sure of the price, but it may be a bit steeper than silverscreen, but it's worth it.
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    It looks as if SilverScreen 3.0 supports SD Cards quite extensively. Here's the description:

    "SilverScreen provides the industry's most complete support for Secure Digital® cards and Sony® Memory Stick® media. Launching and categorizing items on expansion media is seamlessly integrated along with the ability to copy and move files to and from the handheld. No Card category is needed as you can file applications to any of your folders!"
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    It's about time they support VFS, too bad I moved onto many launchers since then. They are nice but too cutsey at times. But I am willing to give anything a demo try at least once.

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