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    When you are all picking up your Treos on Monday morning.... please think of all off us Jew Boys who will have to wait till tuesday to get one

    To all the other Isrealites, have a good Yom Kippur!

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    Missing out on opening day sounds like a much greater sacrifice than fasting! My hat's off to people who show commitment to what they believe. At least a few of the rest of us will be fasting in empathy. Let me know if you want me to grab one for you.
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    L'shona Tova.

    Lee Ladisky
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    Well put.
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    peace brother
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    shana tovah and an easy fast.

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    I don't mean to break all the Jewish lovin' (believe me, I admire you guys for having devotion as I'm Mormon and we have devotion, too) but where for certain is the Treo 600 coming out tomorrow? I hope we're all speaking about the Sprint here as that is the one that's supposed to be out the soonest. For those of us who live in Orange County, CA, where can we get a Treo 600 tomorrow?
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    Originally posted by philipv
    For those of us who live in Orange County, CA, where can we get a Treo 600 tomorrow?
    Who cares? On your deathbed, what will be more important to you - how early you got your Treo 600 or the minutes, hours, and days you spent quality time with your family and friends?

    Don't answer that.

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    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    L'shona tovah to all!

    Is it allowed to check my mailbox to see if it arrived? HA!

    May the new year bring peace and happiness to all, (and Treo600's to those that covet them!)

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    ha! sun's down, and I see that WeeBit is back online.

    Don't worry, weebit, things are as you left them;
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    L'shona Tova WeBit. I hope you fast was easier than mine was. I just got back from break the fast and now it's time to play catchup. I'll call in to work tomorrow and see what I can find out for everyone. I'll be in training all day for good ol' SPCS, but I'll be sure to make a post or two while there. Once again have a happy and save new year and may you and yours be sealed in the book of live for another year...Next year in Jerusalem.

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