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    Please list the added applications and games from your preview Treo 600 that you know work properly. Both the ones that were on the unit and the ones that were on the SD card that the Handspring guy gave you. Thank you for your help.

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    why don't you ask this question in the article thread like every ohter single person is doing!
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    I don't know many, but here are some of the ones i had on my Treo (I did not have time to work with all of them). Starred apps are ones i know that work with the five-way nav

    Audio apps:
    Audible player

    *Handspring Mail
    Sprint Business connection

    Other non games:
    Splash Suite

    I am oging ot skip the games becuse I did not work with any of them except for tetris, and zap2016.

    I think the best thing to say that somes uip thigns is that I never encountered an app that did not work.
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