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    $729 a pop. Good luck to the seller. Sheesh.
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    that's wierd they didn't even use the photo for the Sprint model!
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    BAAA! No real pics and only dice.
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    the paper model that I sold on eBay was much better
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    Plus another 16 bux for shipping and insurance Plus another 8.25% if you live in Texas.

    806 bux! WOW!
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    However, not as of 5:30pm EDT no one has bid, sounds like this guy ordered some at retail, figured he'd get others to pay too much and make a profit.

    Bet you he gets stuck with them

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    And people are griping we're too high at $599 and $674 (unactivated).

    He also says "I have plenty of these on order and I will not have a problem selling them. "

    He doesn't even have them yet. He just has them on order.

    Buy from Sprint or an authorized dealer. Then you'll have Sprint's 1 year warranty. Sprint will not provide the warranty for phones purchased thru eBay. Been there, done that.

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    I would be curious to know why he expects people to pay him $729, vs. $599 from Sprint. Does he know something we don't re: availability?

    Note: 29 feedbacks. I personally don't buy anything that costs more than $100 or so unless the seller has hundreds of feedbacks and is over 98% positive.
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    I just read this auction again. At the bottom he says:

    "Use Buy it now for prompt shipping! please do not bid if you cannot pay right away, I have plenty of these on order "

    First he says "Use Buy it now for prompt shipping! please do not bid if you cannot pay right away". He wants you to buy it ASAP and pay him right away.

    Then he says "I have plenty of these on order". He doesn't even have them yet and he wants you to pay ASAP?

    Just my observations.

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    Plus, he has 2 negative feedbacks over last month...hmm.....I smell a rat.....
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    I don't consider qty 10 to be lots on order. If he had say 100 on order then I would consider those lots. Funny how it is a 3 day listing so he is expecting to cash in on the early frenzy and by end of week expects that he real sources will have them to sell.

    No bidders still but 2 days 19 hours to go.
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    Check out this ebay auction:

    Someone is selling phone numbers to call and get the 600. People will do anything for money.
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    ...someone'll pay for it, most likely.
    The sadder thing will be when they link to TreoCentral from the homepage in Blazer on their new Treos and find that the information was available free...

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