this is in no way intended to steal from jake`s idea regarding the slider keyboard for the next treo - i think he has an awesome idea there!
after seeing the T3, i was totally impressed. got to thinking about adding that to the treo blueprint. and came up with some possibilities. i am no engineer, so some of these might not be feasible at all. but worth a look, i thought.
you could have two sliders on the next treo - one which incorporates the keyboard, on the bottom, and another slider which has a camera and speakers - on the top of the treo - for the videoconferencing feature. TWO sd expansion slots on the top of this slider could be placed... im not sure if this is possible however. next trick will be to design a two slider treo with a solid build quality at the same time.
by sliding both sliders away, you would have the larger lcd screen. A TV mode could be implemented after sliding both out, the extra screen area with a 480 x 480 res could be an amazing feature. great for pda, this res might not be sufficient for a tv feature on the treo.
next after closing both sliders and turning the device around to view the reverse side, you could have a larger video-recorder eye with higher quality audio microphones for voice recording and video with audio capabilities, as well as still shots. the larger, higher quality camera eye centered in the middle of the device`s back rather than on the top could be a possibility - resembling modern day cameras!! protecting these features would be the next hurdle to tackle.
battery life will obviously be a problem here. Ibm, purportedly is researching a fuelcell battery for small devices - not sure how far off this is but im sure it is not in the near future yet.... hopefully this could be the answer to solve the power needs as well as reducing bulk and weight. ok there it is... a bundle of ideas which sound great but may be harder to put together than it sounds, but thought it could be a nice convergence design.